World Time

On Time This virtual exhibit, from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, explores the history of time in the last 300 years. The changing ways we have measured and thought about time are discussed.     How Time Works Explore some of the basics of time, including why and how we measure time, time zones, daylight […]


America’s Wetlands Here you can find out what exactly wetlands are. Find out more about America’s wetlands, why they are important, and what is being done to protect them.     Dive the Great Barrier Reef This is a virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Here you can find out all about the animals […]

Weather Forecast

Around The World Climates Click on a continent and find out whether it has a subarctic, highland, humid oceanic, or other form of climate.     Climate What exactly is a climate? An overview with an explanation of changes in climate and examples of different climates is given.     Climate – The Introduction There […]