Roman Catholic Church

The Christian Church in close association with the Bishop of Rome is the Roman Catholic Church or Catholic Church for that matter. Its origin can be traced back to the Christian community brought by Jesus. It goes without saying that its traditions were set up by the Twelve Apostles. When it comes to Catholic Church, […]

American Revolution

American revolution is a historical landmark, which has witnessed several political, social and economical upheavals. Humans generally revolt for drastic transformation and this revolution of the Americans is no exception. The American revolution sparked off in the first half of the 18th century and thus a nation was created. Yes, it was the United States […]

Medieval History

Medieval history roughly spans the era from 400-1500 AD in Europe. Though it is most commonly divided into the Early, High and the Late Middle Ages, there are many controversies about the exact starting and ending of this epoch.    Until the Renaissance, European history was generally categorized into six eras in conformity with the Biblical […]

US History

US history can be dated back to some 50000 years ago when people migrating from Asia (via the Bering land bridge) settled in the Alaska region. Many cultures thrived in the Americas before the arrival of European explorers in the 1400s. Very little is known about these early settlers or Native Americans. History has it […]

Causes of the Great Depression

The topic concerning the causes of the Great Depression, still today is a matter of hot debate. The Great Depression is the enormous economic downturn, which began in 1929 and lasted for a decade. The industrialized Europe and North America were the main victims but the whole world was traumatized by this economic doom. The […]

King James

King James (James I) (June 19, 1566 – March 27, 1625) was the first monarch to style himself the King of Great Britain. The only child of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Henry Stuart, the Duke of Albany (commonly known as Lord Darnley), James became the King of Scotland on July 29, […]

Jewish Calendar

The Jewish calendar is a religious calendar used by Jews all over the world and is also the official calendar of Israel. This particular calendar commands quite an ancient lineage, dating back to the Sanhedrin president Hillel II, who brought it into being in around C.E. 359. A Few Facts About The Jewish Calendar A […]

Ancient Art

Ancient art includes the diverse forms of arts developed primarily in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, India and China. Each civilization had its particular style and has influenced later arts of different cultures. They also give us an insight into how ancient artists worked. As history reveals, The Jomon’s of ancient Japan […]

Regional History

To get a complete and comparative picture of world history, it is very important to study regional history as well. Regional history is a method where you learn about the history of various countries during the same time span and then compare the common aspects.  Historians also lay stress on the fact that historical developments […]

Natural Hazard

Natural hazard by way of a physical occurrence namely volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides together with human activities trigger natural disasters. Now, there is one thing that you should trap in the corridor of your memory that calamity transpires when hazards meet vulnerability. Living on that thought, you just cannot consider events hazardous without human […]