The American Boxwood Society

The American Boxwood Society In the late 1950s and early 1960s many gardens in Northern Virginia which contained large, billowing old plants of Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’, were losing these beautiful specimens and hedges to an unidentified problem. Portions of the plants would slowly turn straw-coloured and then die, soon followed by the total loss of […]

Marco Polo Unit

Marco Polo Biography A reading of the Marco Polo biography reinstates the fact that throughout the ages there have been men who, bitten by the travel bug, have taken to the roads, ridden the waves and trudged across mountains to chart new courses, discover new lands and cultures. Marco Polo’s wanderlust had served to extend […]

Eli Whitney Biography

Boy Inventor Adventure Guide Eli Whitney – biography is the story of an innovative yet simple inventor who changed the history of America forever. Eli was born on December 8,1765 in Westborough, Massachusetts. He was the son of a farmer. Whitney completed his graduation in 1792 from Yale College and got married to Henrietta Edwards […]

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is the era in Greek history that stretched for about a thousand years. Historians believe that this culture was responsible for the underpinning of Western Civilization. So much so that it made commanding influence in the Roman Empire to say the least. Now, ancient Greece not only formed the geographical peninsula of contemporary […]

Ancient Civilizations

Our present civilization is indebted to our predecessors who with their might and mind have laid the foundation of human civilization throughout the world. We will now discuss some of the ancient civilizations in brief. The History Of Ancient Greece The Greek civilization is the foundational civilization of the western world. Ancient Greece is not […]

World Culture

Colors of every shade enrich this vast expanse of world culture. The myriad cultures with their widely differing languages, religions, literatures and lifestyles provide an interesting study of the populace residing in different parts of the world.  The Culture of Europe Europe has been the seat of many revolutionary cultural movements of which some like […]

King James Bible

King James Bible is a literary and religious treasure. This version of the Bible was published in the year 1611. The original Bible in Greek and Hebrew language was beyond the understanding of the common Christians. Thus, for their convenience King James I requested the Bible to be translated in English – the language of […]

Ancient Greek Art

Ancient Greek art occupies a pride of place in the annals of the greatest artworks of the world. The artistic exploits of the ancient Greek people has continued to mesmerize one and all throughout the ages with their myriad manifestations of charm, aristocracy, grace and sheer opulence. It is no wonder that ancient Greek art […]

Ancient History

For students of history and even who like knowing about history, ancient history holds a special place. This is because it represents a world that is left far behind but was very similar to ours when you look at it closely. The basics of civilization had its seeds sown in those times and they have […]

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt (October 27, 1858- January 6, 1919) was the 26th president of America. He was the engineer of a modern era in American politics. On June 26th 2006 Roosevelt, adoringly called Teddy appeared in the cover of Time magazine with the lead story “The Making of Modern America-20th Century Express”: which says “at home […]