Clock Worksheets

Clock worksheets are the best tools to teach a child how to read and tell time. These worksheets help parents and teachers introduce the young kids – pre-school and kindergarten kids – to the different concepts of hours, minutes, seconds, et al. The wow-factor of these time worksheets is that they present all these important concepts in a fun way; the learning sessions are more play times for the children than serious engagements.

Most clock worksheets have pictorial representations of clocks (analog clocks) with two hands and their faces are divided into sixty equal sections signifying minutes. It is from a clock-based worksheet that a child can be given the initial instruction on time that there are sixty minutes in an hour.

Other time concepts like the short hand of the clock shows hours and the long hand shows minutes or that every time the minute hand completes one round an hour is completed are also imparted through clock worksheets. A child is introduced to similar time concepts like half-hourly, quarterly, etc. using these time worksheets.

As a guide, one can make use of the rich Internet resources. Why not try out Print out BlackDog’s time worksheets and have fun in teaching how to tell time correctly? You do not even need any plug-ins; a working printer will suffice. Just print the worksheets and let your wards play. Most Internet clock-based worksheets come with answer sheets.

You can even design clock worksheets. To start with, you can draw a big circle for the child and ask him/her to complete the face of the clock by placing the numerals. For beginners, you can even mark out the sections (hours and minutes).

For children of slightly advanced years, you can come up with ‘matching time with clock’ exercises. You can design analog clock worksheets with blank spaces beneath; a child can be made to read the time and write the reading in the blank space. Again, you can create time worksheets based on digital clocks; have the child draw an analog clock and replicate the digital clock time in it.

Involvements with such clock/time-based exercises have so positive an effect on the brain that the impressions last forever. Clock worksheets can really benefit children; however, it all lies in the hands of the guides to utilize these worksheets for the development of young minds.

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