Cooking for Kids

Cooking for kids can be very interesting; however, it can be equally challenging. It is true that children mostly hate healthy foods, which mainly involve too much of fruits and vegetables. The challenge lies not only in preparing healthy and nutritious food items but also in presenting the dishes in such a way that the kids are unable to resist the temptation.

You can indeed resort to some crafty ways of cooking for kids, which will allow you to have lots of vegetables and fruits, without letting the children have the slightest hint of their presence in the dishes. For example, home made pizzas have high nutritional values. Different kinds of vegetables can be used as toppings on the pizzas.

Cooking For Kids – Shapes Of Foods

Shapes stir the interest of many kids. Instead of giving the prepared foods in bowls or plates, create various shapes and see the difference it can create. Take any fruit or vegetable and cut them into various shapes to add to the appeal. Suppose you cut a slice of an apple and shape it into a ladybug. Shape Peanut butter in to glue form and then you can spread raisins in the dots to make the spots.

Kids always love smoothies or milkshakes and therefore let them choose the fruit that sound good to them. You can prepare a foamy and yummy juice and to spice up the look, add vegetable bits, without spoiling the juicy taste. This can be a very tricky way of cooking for kids and letting them have vegetables.

Cooking For Kids – A Few Recipes

  • Recipe For Chick Sticks

Ingredients – finely chopped two hard-boiled eggs, cooked chicken (chopped), salt and ground pepper; you will also need a mixture of white breadcrumbs and finely chopped parsley.

Cooking Procedures – Mix the ingredients and then with floured hands roll them into balls. Then, dab the balls in the parsley and breadcrumbs mixture and serve them on cocktail sticks.

  • Recipe For Meaty Pizza

Ingredients – chopped onion (1 piece), chopped streaky bacon (2), minced beef (1 oz.), grated cheese (4 oz.), chopped mixed pepper and white bread mix (10 oz.).

Cooking procedures – Pre-heat the oven to 400F. Make the bread mix and make the rolls. Fry the minced beef, bacon and onion for 15 minutes and then mix it in the tomato puree and chopped peppers. Spread the mix on some base and spread toppings of cheese and peppers on it. At last, bake it on the oven for 20 minutes.

Let The Kids Participate And Have Fun

When cooking for kids, involve them in your endeavor of creating assorted culinary delights. Welcome your kids to the kitchen. Ask them about their choices, as they are definitely pleased when their whims are met. While cooking for kids, you can even assign them some simple tasks. They will enjoy the experience completely. Moreover, they will definitely like to taste the dishes they have been involved with.

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