Facts for Kids

Scientific facts for kids are very fascinating and make science an exciting project. Science is not about learning the scientific facts straight from the book, without realizing the logic behind the occurrences. Facts for kids supplemented with examples can stir the student’s interest and enable them to comprehend the facts more distinctly.

Facts for kids – Understanding the facts

Here are some of the scientific facts for kids, which could be interesting:

  • A kid has 94 bones, while the adults have 206 bones. When a child starts growing, the number of bones in his/her body starts reducing. The reason is that, a couple of bones get fused together and as a result the number of bones get reduced.
  • You may ponder, which animal is causing the worst danger to our planet. It is the common housefly, which transmits more disease than any other animal.
  • Did you know that, if the blood vessels present in your body are joined together, they can make a distance up to 60,000 miles, which is amazing.
  • Do you have any idea, if you were 6 feet tall and jump like a flea, then you could have jumped up to a 90 story building. A flea can actually jump 130 times that of its own height, and an athlete with the similar prowess would jump at least 780 feet.
  • This is counted as one of the amazing facts for kids. You may be interested to know that, who has the largest eye on this planet. It is the giant squid, with eyes measuring 15 inches.
  • To land up with a fair science project, you can make a little research about finding out as to which animal’s sound can be heard the farthest. The answer is the humpback whale, whose sound reaches at the distance of 500 miles.
  • Cell phone is now common in the hands of every individual. However, did you know that when it was invented? About 90 years ago, this fine technology was invented, which is now creating waves amongst the youngsters.

Besides, the above mentioned ones, there are many other facts for kids, which are amazing to know. Science is all about facts and explains the reasons behind the facts. Unless, you can establish logic to anything, you cannot call it a fact. However, science explains and speaks about logic and therefore makes it a very interesting subject to even those who dread it.

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