Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

There are free reading comprehension worksheets both to take home and for practicing in the class. Reading comprehension worksheets help one with vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and last but not the least, reading comprehension. Apart from students, parents and teachers are greatly benefited by these worksheets.

Free reading comprehension worksheets based on original stories, poems, essays and various articles that give students good reading practice are available online. These reading worksheets, of course, are ideal for upper elementary and middle school years. There are several comprehension worksheets for younger kids as well. Lots and lots of such free vocabulary and reading comprehension worksheets can be downloaded or read online.

Free reading comprehension worksheet may also include free phonic exercises or reading tests covering areas such as phonemic awareness, alphabetic and sight or visual words. Parents and teachers find great help in these worksheets in preparing test papers for their wards.

There are websites, which offer free reading worksheets that have related questions; these worksheets come handy while testing a child’s comprehension skills. These sites also have reading comprehensions that help the learners with fictional and informational reading practices. These free reading comprehension worksheets are usually meant for K-2 to Middle/High School.

Guidelines For Using Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

  • Students should know how to activate their background knowledge and skill in relation to the topic they are given to read
  • Students should also have explicit vocabulary skills in connection to the topic
  • Students should be well familiar with the purpose of reading the text
  • Students should follow a specific strategy so that they can form a preview and can think about the text they are given to read
  • Students should be able to form questions all by themselves
  • Students should know how to make use of graphic organizers
  • Students should also know how to question themselves in order to have a proper reflection on what they have read
  • Students should also have the ability to summarize and retell what they have already read

Comprehension worksheets help a child develop perfect reading, learning and communication skills. In fact, equipped with free reading comprehension worksheets, a student becomes a comprehensive comprehension expert.

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