If you are looking for an educational establishment with rich history and style then you may consider learning more about Georgia College State University. This University is situated in a picturesque heart of Milledgeville, Georgia. Founded in 1889 the first name given to it was Georgia Normal & Industrial College. However, its present name Georgia College State University it has received only in 1996.

Georgia College State University is a public establishment. Nevertheless, it has a style and learning conditions of a private liberal art college. Started out as a two-years educational college, Georgia College State University grew up into large and well known institution with over 5 500 students, enrolled in four schools with over 300 different faculties. Most students of Georgia College State University come from Georgia. However, there is certain number of students from other states as well. Besides, Georgia College State University has programs for international students from all over the world. In fact, over 125 such students from different countries of the world have presently joined the institution.

Georgia College State University offers its students a selection of over 36 undergraduate and 25 graduate educational degrees and programs. School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business, the John H. Lounsbury School of Education and the School of Health Sciences are the four above mentioned Georgia College State University schools, in which those degrees and programs are available.

Mainly, student classes have fifteen to thirty five people in them. However, seminars and tutorial groups can be attended by 20 to 25 people at a time. Georgia College State University has more than 43 acres of study and campus facility and land space. It has the West and East Campus apartments available to its students for life and studies. Georgia College State University possesses excellent educational and financial recourses. In the course of learning process up to seventy percents of its students may count on receiving certain amount of financial support.

Besides the main faculties and schools, Georgia College State University has also a range of sporting activities and teams both for men and women, such as basketball, tennis, golf or soccer. All this qualifies Georgia College State University as rather high-status and celebrated place for obtaining educational degrees.

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