High School Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Hand your child the high school reading comprehension worksheets, to enable him/her to hone the reading skills and also decode the message of the lesson flawlessly. These particular worksheets are beneficial for those children, who are in their secondary standards. The worksheets are customized in a way to enhance your child’s ability to use special techniques before, during and after reading, so as to comprehend the inherent meaning of the text.

The Importance of High School Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Since a secondary student has to encounter large amount of texts in their content-area classes, therefore the reading worksheets are particularly very helpful. The worksheets simply do not incorporate only texts, but also a ‘question and answer’ session, so as to verify how well the student has understood the story. As the worksheets become more advanced, the students are asked to write the meaning of the text and this helps in judging the child’s reading comprehension level.

The high school reading comprehension worksheets simply do not aim in letting the students read better, but also to understand the lesson better. To stir their interest, the worksheets mostly incorporate very interesting stories with a tinge of fun and humor added to it. Being a teacher, you can introduce the discussion process, which can help the students share their thoughts and feelings about any particular lesson with the other students. The process can propel the child’s thinking process and also realize their faults.

Remember that the reading comprehension passages improve the fun and effectiveness of reading. However, there are a few strategies before, during and after reading, which should be followed.

  • Before letting them Read – Before letting the students read, let them understand the purpose of reading. Prior to reading it is important to render a background knowledge about the text and at the same time introduce to them a few specialized vocabulary linked to the topic.
  • When they Read – While reading, the students should be encouraged to assess their understanding ability, by asking questions from the text to themselves.
  • After they Finish Reading – Post reading, a student should verify their knowledge through the self-questioning strategies. Nonetheless, they should be able to narrate the cream of the story.

Some Research Based Techniques to Accelerate the Reading Process

Paraphrasing Strategy: According to this strategy, a student is encouraged to recall the main idea of the lesson after reading.

Text Preview: This is particularly a pre-reading strategy, which incorporates a introductory passage to let the student understand any particular section of the text. Hence, text preview actually includes, a synopsis of a passage and also question to help reading.

Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR): Under this strategy, a student is enabled to think about the text, understand the main idea and comprehending the meaning of the unknown words and lasts but not the least, epitomizing the text that has been read.

Story-Mapping: This process enables a student to identify and record the important information within the text and also retelling the gist of the matter.

The highschool worksheets follow all the above strategies and thus help a student grasps any text without the least problem. Hence, the high school reading comprehension worksheets are specifically designed in a way to enable the students accelerate their reading skills and abilities.

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