Reading Worksheets

Whatever is necessary in a reading curriculum, the reading worksheets have it all. Usually the worksheets have essays or stories, which the students can read. Then there are also certain questions for the child to answer; this helps you understand how much of the story or essay the child has been able to retain in his/her memory.

The questions that are asked in these worksheets not only revolve around what happened in the story but also on the total import of the text. This is an effective manner of enhancing the child’s memory and assessing the child’s reading comprehension level.

Reading Worksheets – Types

There are two different types of reading worksheets – directed reading worksheets and active reading guide worksheets. The directed worksheets help the students to remain absolutely focused when reading. It also contains short answer exercises, matching and fill-in-the-blank that help measure a child’s understanding. The active reading guide worksheets are efforts to engage the reader in the process of reading and helps follow the child’s progress.

How Can Parents Utilize These Worksheets?

If you want your child to excel in school, give him/her the strong reading skills. The reading worksheets will be able to guide you well in this matter. For helping your child learn as well as master all the skills used in the process of reading, the child’s education must go on even after he/she is back home from school.

You can avail of the free reading worksheets that include essays, poems, original stories and articles. These worksheets are suitable for the upper elementary through the middle school years. Besides, what you can do is read along with your children. In this way, your child enjoys your company and also strengthens his/her reading skills. Of course, you will need to choose topics/subjects nearing the child’s comprehension level.

Choose books/stories, etc. with large letterings, especially when reading to a small kid and do not forget to point out to the letters. This will enhance the child’s vocabulary and also help the child to recognize the words. Also, tell your children to stop your reading when they do not understand a particular word. Do not refrain from explaining to your child how a word is spelt. This will give your child the skill of incorporating the correct choice of word in English. Make your child read and follow the words closely.

You can also emulate reading worksheets to come up with exercises to examine the child’s reading properly – this will give you an idea of the child’s progress in communication as well as reading skills.

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