T-charts are graphic organizers that help students manage and organize their knowledge in respect to the specific features/traits of different items or topics. With the help of a T-chart, a student comes to understand the negatives and positives of an argument. These charts also enable one to evaluate and assess the advantages and disadvantages of a particular decision.

T-charts are keys to itemize the problems and solutions in connection with an action or incident. Such charts help in expressing the strengths and weaknesses of a literary creation. With the help of a T-chart, a student can also produce a persuasive piece of writing in which the student successfully introduces a list of facts and opinions.

Often a T-chart is displayed and effectively utilized as a reference point in the course of classroom activities. Most EF or Explicit Focus lessons generally refer to a T-chart more than a table.

T-chart Based Activities For Learners

As a teacher, when you are out to explore/test your students’ listening skills and competencies, you can have them work with T-charts. A T-chart is simply a table with no box to outline it. A T-chart can be placed both horizontally as well as vertically.

Different T-chart based activities can be planned for students of different age groups. Thus, you can provide your students with a numbers’ T-chart wherein some numbers are missing. Ask the children to find out and fill the missing numbers. You can even have them describe the pattern they followed in establishing the relationship between the numbers to arrive at the missing numbers.

Again, you can plan a T-chart based activity with some errors and mistakes. Ask to identify the errors and rectify them. The students are also asked to describe the method, which they have used in identifying the errors.

A T-chart is a fast decision making tool. It helps one take a decision after discussing and enumerating the advantages as well as the disadvantages of a situation. Such a decision may be like whether to take or keep a pet or how favorable it would be to switch over to a new job.

A T-chart is a perfect way of judging your potentials side by side assessing your surrounding situations and circumstances. T-charts mark your status graphically following a specific system.

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