World Geography

Earth’s Greatest Features
If you want to know which are the world’s tallest mountains, longest rivers, largest deserts and more great features, this is the place to look. Click on the topic you are interested in and see the list. No details of size are given, but this is a great starting point.


Everest – Crown of the World
At this Think Quest Junior project you can learn interesting facts about Mount Everest, including why it’s called that, who climbed it, and the accidents that have happened. There is also a map of the climbing route, and a game.


Flags of All Countries
Pick a country to view its flag, and then click on it to learn lots of interesting facts about the country. There is also a flag identifier here, so if you want to know which country a flag belongs to, this is the place to find out.


Frozen Toes: Arctic Millennium Expedition
Take a virtual field trip. Join five people on a 7000 km trek across Canada’s Arctic sharing knowledge, exploring cultures and celebrating Canada.


Latitude and Longitude
Here you can find a well-illustrated explanation of latitude and longitude. It is in 4 parts. You will need to go back to the menu, from the button at the bottom of the page, to get to the next page.


Natural Wonders
You have heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, but what about the natural wonders of the world? Click on the map or list of names to see pictures of these amazing features!


Physical Geography – Canadian Communities Atlas
This atlas presents the physical geography of Canada, including tectonics and geology.


Why The World Goes Round
This site gives a brief explanation of what makes the world turn, with a look at how we discovered that it turns.


World Fact Book
Find everything you need to know about the location, people, land use, government, economy and anything else of interest, from any country in the world. The countries are listed alphabetically, with clear, uncluttered maps for each listing.

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