ACT Prep

If you are nervous about taking the ACT test, then you should begin thinking about participating in some ACT Prep. In order to do ACT Prep most effectively, you should begin by practicing good study habits. Study for up to an hour, and then take a ten or fifteen minute break so you don’t lose your attention span. If you are still having trouble paying attention, take smaller breaks more frequently. After longer study sessions, finish up by doing a quick review of everything you’ve gone over. Having a group study session would be a good idea as well. In a group study, you can work together to tackle the more difficult questions.

Prepare For The ACT Test

When taking part in ACT Prep, make sure to use several types of practice questions and tests. Don’t cheat, otherwise you’ll defeat the purpose of practice! Avoid looking at the answer key until you are done with the section you are practicing or the practice test you are taking. Read the instructions before each test section and become familiar with them so you won’t have to read them for the actual exam. By reading them during practice test sessions, you will know exactly what you are doing on the ACT test itself.

In addition to taking time to study and participate in other ACT Prep, make sure you are well rested for test day. Do your best to get good sleep for the week, and especially the night, before the exam. Make sure you have a good breakfast so you aren’t distracted by hunger while you are taking the ACTs. Most importantly, be calm. You’ve done practice tests and know what to expect, so you shouldn’t have to worry. If you keep all these tips in mind, you will have no problems tackling whatever the ACT can throw at you on test day.

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