Business School

Granitite, the best way to learn the skills and obtain the knowledge that is needed to land a great career is through a formal education that is attending college or the university and obtaining a College Degree. Although a formal education is not required for many careers, in order to have great opportunities for advancement and additional career choices, a college education is a great way to start and earn the money that comes with these job descriptions.

There are some colleges that offer specialized business degrees, such as managerial accounting or business management but there are many schools that offer business training that is job related without the cost and time of a four year degree. These schools, are known as a business school, provide practical programs to help students learn the skills they need to land a job in the work force related to those skills that they have learned in the business school.

Taking advantage of these career-focused programs and becoming qualified for the competitive world of business is what the business school model is meant to do. The business schools tout their career-focused programs as being the link into the business world. Many of these business schools offer courses and programs that also incorporate an internship with a company or industry. It is a wonderful way for the students to get exposure to the real-world work force before actually entering it. They can see and experience first hand what the field of work that they have chosen has in store for them.

This too is enlightening for the businesses and the business school. The businesses get to see what is coming out of business school and into their work force. They can make recommendations to the business school for fine-tuning courses or programs.

All, the business school, the students and the businesses benefit from such programs.

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