Campus Colleges

The campus of campus colleges is the land on which the college or university, housing and dorms, and all other related institutional buildings are situated. Usually campus colleges include libraries, lecture halls, and residence halls as well as business and medical buildings.

The word was first used describe a particular urban space at the College of New Jersey, now called Princeton University during the eighteenth century. Some other colleges used campus to describe ball and park fields at their own institutions. Campus was used to describe a particular area but later on into the 1900s, campus came to be used to describe the whole educational institutions property.

The term campus can also refer to the land on which company office buildings sit, and large medical facilities sometimes refer to their local and facilities as a campus. That is why typically, you find research facilities associated with a college or university and medical schools that are affiliated with their undergrad counter parts together on the same grounds.

However, over the years many universities and campus colleges have expanded upon their campuses. Many campus colleges now have up-town and down-town, east and west, etc..campuses. The main hubb of the campus colleges could be the instructional buildings with the residence halls found clear across town. Many campus college colleges even have buildings or halls that are not found on their “home”campuses. They sometimes rent from private persons or companies for residence halls, music halls, art galleries and so on.

There are colleges that would probably not be considered a campus college is the sense of how society defines the term campus. An example of these would be colleges that offer online degrees. All course work for a degree program or certificate is done via the internet. Students register, pay and take their courses without every a face to face meeting with their instructor or professor and without ever entering a building. However, there is a central business office or building located somewhere, so they too could be considered a campus college if they own the local.

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