Catholic School Uniforms

Catholic schools are the schools set up by the Roman Catholics. These schools are based on the principles and religious values of the Roman Catholics. According to the National Catholic Education Association, there were over 7,580 Catholic schools in 2005-06 in the United States, together with 6,386 primary schools and 1,203 secondary schools. Overall, there were 2,363,220 students, comprising 1,726,773 pupils in the elementary/middle schools and 636,477 in high schools. Great Clothes for Great Kids
The majority of the Roman Catholic schools have some form of dress codes; most of the Roman Catholic schools of lower grade levels follow mandatory uniform policies. The catholic school uniforms for girls include pleated plaid skirt or jumper, Mary Jane or saddle shoes, and blouse, and the catholic school uniforms for boys include buttoned-down shirt, tie, and dark pants.

The catholic school uniforms also include a kilted skirt, which is especially worn in schools having increased number of Celtic students. The Catholic school uniforms in Canada also include an attached pair of shorts with kilted skirt, which is known as x-kilt. Sometimes divided skirts are substituted for a skirt, particularly at Episcopalian or non-parochial private schools. The catholic school uniforms for girls in the younger grade schools include plaid jumper with blouse.

Normally, the boys wear a collared shirt, tie, and slacks of compulsory colors, although sport shirts have replaced dress shirts to some extent. The catholic school uniforms also include a sweater or blazer for both sexes when required by rules or atmospheric condition. The catholic school uniforms for girls up to mid 1970s almost always consisted of a skirt or jumper, but female pupils in the United States now commonly wear uniform shorts or slacks, especially in warmer weather. Today, some of the schools require girls to wear skirts, and others allow girls the choice of skirts or shorts and pants.

According to proficient educationalists, the catholic school uniforms are beneficial to both school pupils and staff. The Catholic school uniforms are rather crucial for the accurate and better implementation of schools as they help in furthering sense of responsibility, obedience, self-esteem, and delight.

Girls’ catholic school uniforms have become iconic and extremely popular in the Western Cultures. The hit 1998 music video “…Baby One More Time” featured Britney Spears and her backup dancers wearing a modified version of the Girls’ catholic school uniforms.

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