Community Colleges

The name, community colleges is derived from the fact that community colleges primarily attract and accept students from the local community, and are often supported by the local community through property taxes. This is why when students register, they must show proof of residency before they can register for their classes. The community colleges tend to have open enrollment and every one is accepted. Of course, there are certain programs that a student does need to apply for and be accepted into.

The community colleges are a type of educational institution that in particular require its students to attend for a two year program. The term has different meanings in different countries. Here in the United States, community colleges are sometimes called county colleges, junior colleges, technical colleges or city colleges. The community colleges are educational institutions that provide a higher education to their student body geared toward earning an Associates degree and lower level course work such as certificate programs.

There were several different movements that helped create the community colleges. There was local support and community support of public and private two year institutions, the expansion of the public education system, increased professional standards for teachers, the vocational education movement, and an expanding demand for adult and community education. Many colleges and universities pushed for the creation community colleges. It was believed that the small, junior liberal arts colleges could provide the first two years of college while larger colleges and universities could focus on research. Many of the early community colleges were an extension of high schools.

Most community colleges are run by districts that draw property tax revenue from the local community, or as a division of a state university system, or as a sister institution with a higher education system. Whatever the affiliation may be, the community college is meant to further the education of the students in the community it is found.

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