Math Worksheets

If Math is a problem area for your child, let me tell you that Math worksheets can really work wonders. These sheets offer an entertaining package of related mathematical problems with variations on solution procedures or principles. This ensures a fun filled way to practice various mathematical operations through a single problem.     

Moreover, most sources divide the type of sheets according to age and grade and cover subjects from basic mathematics to higher geometry. Moreover, most of them also provide a solution page for verification of the answers.

Some popular worksheets are:

  1. Add Groups of Shapes
  2. Relate Groups of Shapes
  3. Count Groups of Shapes
  4. Graph Groups of Shapes
  5. Pattern Identification
  6. Simple Integer Addition
  7. Simple Integer Comparison
  8. Simple Integer Subtraction
  9. Which One Doesn’t Belong?

They can also be in the form of worksheet booklets. For instance, you can have a Multiplication Worksheet divided into three books that concentrate on a particular set of multiplication tables. Say, Book 1 covers the 2, 5, 9, and 1 times tables, Book 2 includes the 3, 6, 4, and 8 times tables and Book 3 contains 7, 10, 11, and 12 times tables.

What to look for in Worksheets

Obviously, the Internet is the largest storehouse of free downloadable and printable sheets. The best worksheets should offer interactive mathematical activity and puzzles, covering areas like geometry, number theory, percent, integers, probability, pre-algebra, and statistics. The math worksheets should come with elementary principles, decimals, fractions, percentage, square roots and telling time.

However, the best sites offering online math worksheets are subscription-based sites that offer worksheets for grade K-8, available in various plans according to your budget, starting from $2. Here you can also create your personalized sheets with premium worksheet generators and they don’t flash advertisements either. Most of these websites accept payments through all major credit cards via PayPal, even without a PayPal account. Once you become a member and have an account and login, you can avail of the site’s Interactive Activity Links too.

Most of these instructive portals highlight the fact that maths is indeed an entertaining activity. Some of their offers include:  

K-12 educational mathematics explained in easy language.

  • Recreational mathematics, such as games and puzzles.
  • Worksheets on various topics – create your own or choose a pre-made set.
  • Maths is Fun Forum
  • Worksheets that include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, time, decimals, fractions and kindergarten.
  • Mathematics Worksheet Factory 3.0: Here you can create your own worksheets for K-10 kids. Categories in these Math worksheets include puzzles, money, time, ratio and percent, tables and drills, number operations, number concepts, numeration, measurement, graphing, geometry, fractions, and algebra.

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