Personalizing Girls School Uniform

Girls hate rigid school dress codes. They feel that their personal identities have lost in these strict school dress codes and they are searching for their lost identities. Great Clothes for Great Kids
According to rigid school dress codes, personalizing and accessorizing in girls school uniform is strictly prohibited. Yet some less rigid school dress codes some amount of personalizing and accessorizing in girls school uniform, but even these don’t allow peculiar and conspicuous personalizing.

Less rigid school dress codes may do allow some decent personalizing and accessorizing in girls school uniform. The girls need to make a balance in decency and personalizing in their school uniforms. Here are some useful tips that can help girls to make their personalities expressive even in their school uniforms.

  • Many school dress codes require skirts/pants to be belted. Girls can wear the belts that are unique but not distracting.
  • The school dress codes require girls’ hair to be neatly groomed. Here, girls have opportunity for a unique fashion statement. Beautiful barrettes, clips, ribbons, or elaborate braids can help them look impressive in their uniforms.
  • Lenient schools dress codes permit girls to wear studs or other small earrings. Girls can wear decent looking studs or small earrings. There is a wide variety of beautiful and decent stud earrings available in the market.
  • Some schools have pretty lenient rules concerning socks or leggings. The girls studying in such schools can wear some unique and creative leggings and maintain decency as well.
  • Some schools do not require specified shoes to be worn as part of the girls school uniform. The girls of these schools can wear nice looking formal shoes of their respective choices.

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