Sailor Fuku

The common japanese school girl uniform is sailor fuku. The sailor fuku, also known as sailor outfit is worn by middle school and high school female students. Great Clothes for Great Kids
The principal of Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, Elizabeth Lee introduced Sailor fuku as japanese school girl uniform in 1921. The school uniform was based on the uniform used by the British Royal Navy at the time that Elizabeth had experienced as an exchange student in the United Kingdom.

Sailor-fuku looks similar to several military styled naval uniforms. It generally includes a blouse attached with a sailor-style collar and a pleated skirt. There are seasonal variations in the japanese school girl uniform for summer and winter. The sleeve length and fabric are altered according to the season.

A ribbon is one of very common accessories of Sailor-fuku. It is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. There are several variations on the ribbon that include neckties, bola ties, and bows. The common colors of ribbon are navy blue, white, grey, and black.

Sailor-fuku japanese school girl uniform also includes shoes and socks. The socks are typically navy or white and shoes are typically brown or black penny loafers. The loose socks are also commonly matched by more fashionable girls with their sailor fuku.

Sailor-fuku japanese school girl uniform sometimes also includes other accessories including belts, caps, badges etc.

Sailor-fuku is very popular among japanese girl students. Former students have nostalgic feeling for the uniform and it’s often associated with relatively carefree youth. Imitation of Sailor Fuku is a popular Halloween costume and other party events. It is sold at department stores and costume shops throughout Japan. The second-hand Sailor fuku and other items of school wear are sold and brokered through underground establishments known as burusera.

Sailor-fuku japanese school girl uniform is a symbol of conformity, but rebellious students like making variation such as lengthening or shortening the skirt, rolling up the sleeves, removing the ribbon, hiding patches or badges under the collar, etc.
In past decades, Japanese yankee and Bōsōzoku biker gangs also adopted brightly colored variants of Sailor Fuku.

Sailor Fuku, along with other styles of school uniform, have been very popular in otaku culture. The animation characters of anime, manga, and dōjinshi are usually featured in japanese school uniforms.

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