School Uniform

A uniform is clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a mark of identity. It is purposely designed for undifferentiated identification. Great Clothes for Great Kids
The idea of school uniform has grown from the old time practice of wearing standard costumes in religious personnel and armies; the people performing religious activities and the armies of the Roman Empire or other civilizations often used to wear standard costumes.

School uniforms are very common in elementary and secondary schools in many nations. Traditionally, school uniforms have been subdued and professional, but in recent times there have been great developed in types, forms, and styles of school uniforms. Yet the school uniforms are mainly classified as boys school uniform and girls school uniform.

A boy school uniform may often include dark pants and light-colored shirt, tie plus a jacket in cold weather, and a girl school uniform may include a tie, a skirt, or a kilt, a dress and blouse.

Most of the schools have gender-specific uniforms, but some schools allow female students to choose either skirt or trousers. The use of a blazer or suit-like jacket has grown pretty popular in several parts of the world.

The public (state-sponsored) schools in the continental Europe do not require uniforms, but the private schools often have school uniforms and follow strict dress codes. However, the majority of state schools adopt a uniform for a more formal look in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

School dress codes determine what can’t be worn by any student. Most of the school dress codes do not allow sheer or midriff-baring blouses, clothing that advertises tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, and low-rise jeans. Generally, a school uniform policy decides what must be worn by all the students.

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