School Psychology Degree

It is interesting to note that in some circles leaving school, psychology degree in hand is considered much akin to graduating with a degree in history or philosophy. Some believe that such a degree is fairly useless unless it is followed up with a graduate degree while others are firmly of the belief that employment opportunities for degreed psychologists are as rare and few and far between as those for degreed historians.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Instead, getting ready to graduate from school, psychology degree candidates find job options varied and plentiful, and it is not only the idea of private practice that has added to this upswing. For example, did you know that advertising agencies are always on the lookout for qualified psychologists who might also have a flair for marketing? Consider how advantageous to have someone on staff who can get into the consumer’s mind an anticipate behavior and buying decisions!

Add to this the fact that leaving school, psychology degree in hand, offers tremendous opportunities for those seeking to become engaged in community works and advocate opportunities. You will find a four year and a graduate school psychology degree holder working side by side at facilities catering to military personnel either on the verge f being deployed or returning from war; they may be found working in homeless shelters, counseling abuse victims, or simply in hospitals and hospices to offer any help needed.

Other uses for a psychology degree may be a springboard for another career, such as one in family counseling, marriage counseling, or self help advocacy. You may use your degree in an effort to find employment as a staff writer for a newspaper or set out to draft your own book. The opportunities, as you can no longer deny, are simply endless!

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