1st Grade Reading

A 1st grade reading plan is the basis of 1st grade reading program. Such a program consists of interactive activities, learning games, printable worksheets, assessments and a positive reinforcement. Reading with proper guidance is an important part of first grade reading program.

Language art strands

It is important for you to know that a first grade language art lesson needs to cover all English language art strands. These language art strands include reading comprehension, writing strategies, English language conventions, vocabulary development, literature, writing applications, speaking and listening. These are a bit surprising but they seem to be all vital lessons for a first grade reading curriculum.

What makes the program so exciting?

A 1st grade reading curriculum gives the children a chance to learn through certain essentials like reading worksheets, guided reading, language arts games and several creative procedures that can makes the reading program truly exciting.

How to develop reading skills

With the help of a first grade, reading program a child learns the skill of translating letter patterns to spoken language by making the correct use of phonics, syllabication, and word parts. Such knowledge�s are suitably applied for achieving a fluent oral capacity as well as a silent reading aptitude.

Identification and synchronization

At this particular level of guided 1st grade, reading a child is taught how to identify letters, words and sentences. They gradually develop the skill of matching oral words to words that are printed and during a lesson of guided reading, the teachers ask the children to determine the title and author of specific reading selections.

The role of phonetics in 1st grade reading program

Phonetics plays a significant role in a 1st grade reading program. There comes a development in reading skills as children gradually develop the habit of deciphering words with the correct use of phonetics. Several language arts lesson plans can appositely emphasize initial, medial and final sounds especially in case of single syllable words. With the correct use of phonetics, a child also learns how to create and state a series of rhythmic words. In that case, they learn how to blend consonants, and add, delete or change target sounds to bring about a major transformation in words.

Through a first grade, reading program the child also comes to learn the details of compound words and attractions, root words, inflectional forms, and usual word families.

Talking about the next step of a 1st grade reading program

In this particular phase of guided reading lesson children, learn to identify text that deploys sequence or other logical order. In this phase children are taught how to respond and interact to several questions and queries starting with who, when, what, how and where. Here the teacher may ask the student to follow one-step reading instructions and make proper use of context to resolve several doubts about words and sentence meanings.

Therefore, with the help of a 1st grade reading program a child learns how to best communicate through reading and verbal explanations.

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