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UNIT STUDY – 2002 Winter Olympics
by Rhonda Johnson

Books, Videos and Magazines

Chariots of Fire (this is one of our families all time favorite movies, excellent Olympic story but also the story of Eric Liddle, missionary, who gave God the glory above all else. Soundtrack is beautiful) video editor’s note

The First Olympics – Athens 1896 video

100 Years of Olympic Glory (1996) video

Olympics: The Road to Glory (1999) video


The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics 2002 (Complete Book of the Olympics, 2002)

Salt Lake 2002: An Official Book of the Olympic Winter Games

The Encyclopedia of the Winter Olympics

A Fun Book of Olympic Trivia : A to Z! Including the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (Olympic Trivia for Kids)

Sports Illustrated for Kids Feb. 2002 issue
TV Guide
Hour of The Olympics – by Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House) – library book
The Grolier Student Encyclopedia of the Olympic Games by Ron Thomas – library book
The King who Reigned or A Chocolate Moose – library books
Step by Step Crafts for Children by various authors published by Kingfisher – page 38 Mega Medals
The Little Hands Art Book
 by Judy Press – page 39 Flying Flags
also page 122 Snowy Days
The Big Bear Cub Scout Book (Boy Scouts of America) page 234 The Skier’s Safety Code
Science For Fun: Making Things Change by Gary Gibson page 6 Freezing and Melting

TV coverage

Idea – each evening use white board to plan next day’s TV viewing using TV Guide and the SIKids Guide included in magazine to plan. During the day, let youngest child be TV Director by keeping track of time on the clock and alerting us when our planned viewing is coming on. And use his learning clock to let us know when the next event will start.


(also check out categories below for lesson plans and sometimes accompanying worksheets)
Amateur Athletic Foundation – Olympic Curriculum Guide Grades 3-5- all titles available in html, some also in pdf
category in italics followed by worksheet name in bold, re-occuring titles have different lesson plans in different categories:
Health and Physical Education
Carry the Torch – game for kids to play, one copy needed for teacher
Calories In Sport – teacher lesson plan and two worksheets per child
Sports and Sound – teacher lesson plan and two worksheets per child
Winning And Losing – lesson plan and one worksheet per child
Sports Measuring Tape – teacher lesson plan and one copy of 12 page measuring tape for all children to assemble
Social Studies and Geography
Map of The World – lesson plan and one worksheet per child, does not include a world map
The Olympic Torch – teacher lesson plan and two worksheets per child
The Olympic Rings -teacher lesson plan and two worksheets per child
Flags and Symbolism – lesson plan and one worksheet per child
The Olympic Motto – lesson plan and two worksheets per child
Mathematics and Science
Which Muscles? – html version has only lesson plan, worksheets are missing, there is no pdf version of this
Which Athlete Where? – lesson plan only and it is very sketchy, will require research by me or by oldest child
Roman Numerals – The Secret Code – html version has only lesson plan, worksheets are missing, there is no pdf version of this, links to help out – http://www.cod.edu/people/faculty/lawrence/romaindx.htm and http://www.naturalmath.com/tool2.html
Bobsleigh Math – html version has only lesson plan, worksheet is missing, there is no pdf version of this
Olympic Ring Math – lesson plan
Calories in Sport – lesson plan and 3 worksheets per child
Olympic Charts and Data – lesson plan and 4 worksheets per child
Sports Measuring Tape – teacher lesson plan and one copy of 12 page measuring tape for all children to assemble
Lighting The Torch – lesson plan and 4 worksheets for each child
Language Arts
You’re the Reporter – lesson plan
Ancient Olympics – lesson plan and 2 worksheets per child
Olympic Anthem Symbolism – lesson plan and 3 worksheets per child
Sports Measuring Tape – teacher lesson plan and one copy of 12 page measuring tape for all children to assemble
Olympic Lingo – lesson plan and 3 worksheets per child, 3rd worksheet is a vocabulary list
My Favorite Sport – lesson plan and 1 worksheet per child
Olympic Games Through Art – lesson plan
Design a Poster for the Olympic Winter Games – lesson plan

REACH: An Educator’s Guide To The Olympics (I have listed most here, a few others are in categories below. The questions and activities pages are really just lesson ideas but most are broken down into multi-levels. You can view/print entire sections of this guide. Sections are in italics.)
Worksheets at http://www.uen.org/2002/html/reach/index.html
Traditions of the Game
Fascinating Facts Bingo – 1 page questions and activities and 1 worksheet per child
The Ancient Olympic Games – 1 page fact sheet and 1 page questions and activities
The Olympics in Our Era – 1 fact sheet, 2 pages of questions and activities
Olympic Symbols – 2 fact sheets
What’s in a Logo? – 2 worksheets per child, create a logo
The Olympic Mascots and Motto – 2 pages of questions and activities and 1 worksheet per child
The Olympic Torch of 2002 – 1 fact sheet and 1 questions and activities
Let The Games Begin
Winter Sports History in Utah – 2 fact sheets (talks about the silver mine in Park City that we went to!)
Dan Jansen: A Hero That Never Gives Up – 1 fact sheet
Dream With Me: Reaching Your Goals – 2 page lesson based on previous Dan Jansen fact sheet and Dream With Me video and song of same name
Winning and Losing . . . What’s Important? – 1 page questions and activities and 1 worksheet per child
Olympic Ideals: Reaching Goals – 1 page questions and answers
Fitness and Health – 1 worksheet per child, worksheet uses http://www.phys.com for student research
Sports Pictograms – 1 worksheet per child and 1 fact sheet
A Sports Scavenger Hunt – 1 worksheet, worksheet uses facts found elsewhere in this section of worksheets (the pictograms above are needed) and http://www.saltlake2002.com and the Curriculum section of http://www.uen.org/2002
Game Fame – 2 worksheets per child, create a new olympic sport
Design Your Own Event Ticket – 1 worksheet per child, create an event ticket
Olympic Event Lesson and Activity Ideas – 1 page ideas for using the Sports Pages listed below
Sports Pages – 9 pages about the individual events
Where Am I? – 1 worksheet per child and 1 fact sheet, this is on venues of the Olympics, having a road map of Utah would be helpful for this
Topographical Map of Snowbasin – 2 worksheets per child, 2nd worksheet is a topographical map
Now What Do We Do?! – 1 worksheet about the Soldier Hollow venue, read about Soldier Hollow several links below in the Venue Pages prior to this worksheet
Protect The Environment: Snowbasin – 1 page lesson, read about Snowbasin on the Venue Pages
The Zamboni: As Smooth As Glass – 2 page lesson – science activity
Olympic Venue Lesson and Activity Ideas – 1 page of lesson ideas for use with Venue Pages
Venue Pages – 10 pages about the Olympic venues for Salt Lake 2002
Mind, Body, Spirit
Several in this section on the Paralympic Games which we probably won’t get to, I have not listed these here
Countries, Cultures, Customs
Welcome The World – 2 worksheets designed for use in Utah public schools with their corresponding partner country but child could choose a country and do these
Country Cubes – 1 page lesson and 1 page country cube template, unique way of doing a report on a country
Who Should Host The 2010 Winter Games? – 1 worksheet
Countries And Continents – 1 worksheet with url to check answers
Hello World! – 1 fact sheet, saying hello in other languages
this link has hello in other languages: http://www.ipl.org/youth/hello/index.html
Your Family Is From Where? – 1 lesson, blank world map with country boundaries is needed but not included
Do You Have The Time? – 2 worksheets, time zones
Go To Great Measures! – 2 worksheets, our measurement system vs. metric
Utah Welcomes The World
Olympic Torch Relay in Utah – 1 fact sheet, 2 worksheets, 1 map
Tourists in Utah – 1 worksheet, design a travel brochure
History of the Heber Valley: Home of Soldier Hollow– 1 fact sheet
Soldier Hollow “Western Experience” – 2 activity sheets, based on visit to Soldier Hollow
Fort Douglas: Ghost of the Past and Memories for the Future – 2 fact sheets, 1 questions and activities page
A “Village” In The City – 2 worksheets
Declaration of Independence – 2 lesson pages, 2 fact sheets
Catching Pin Fever – 1 fact sheet, 1 worksheet, design your own pin
Who Will Foot The Bill? – 2 worksheets
Olympic Impact – 1 worksheet, impact on Salt Lake City
How’s The Weather Out There? – 2 worksheets
It’s A Blizzard Out There – 1 worksheet
Olympic Cleaner and Greener -2 lesson pages, includes a science experiment, designed to go with the video “The Salt Lake Valley Watershed and You”, additional materials at http://www.cleanerandgreener.org ,
Tree-cology – 1 worksheet, includes “has your school planted an Olympic tree” but may still be useful

Canadian Olympic Resource Kit (also covers Paralympics)
9 pages of worksheets for grades 3-5
Salt Lake City Fact Sheet
Mascots and Symbols
Forces in Sports
What Makes a Lake Great? (really cool comparison activity of the Great Salt Lake and the Great Lakes)
A Healthier You 2002
The Spirit of the Land, about the environment, 2 pages
Fossil Math Attack, about Utah’s fossils and talks about the earth 4.5 million years ago so if you are a young earth advocate you won’t want this one.

Teacher Vision – The 2002 Winter Games

Vocabulary Worksheets for 3 levels, K-2, 3-5, and 6-12
Printables include William Tell Archery, Baseball Fun, Swim Meet Data, and Basketball Shooting
Quizzes include Ice Hockey Facts, Soccer Skills, Winter Games Historical Facts – The Quizzes can be taken online or printed without Acrobat and answer keys are available.
Literature Tie-Ins include Olympics!, Eyewitness: Olympics, and The Ancient Olympic Games
Language Arts includes (direct links to first two are below) Write a Letter to Jesse Owens, Olympic Leaders, What Are the Modern Olympics?
Social Studies include Utah Facts and Statistics, Salt Lake City 2002, Olympics and Politics Timeline, and A Day at the Ancient Olympics
Physical Education includes Equality in Sports for Women
This is an easy to use searchable index of what Teacher Vision has to offer for the 2002 Games. You need Acrobat Reader for some of these. References on this page are listed separately in this guide under appropriate categories.

The Governor’s Music and Education Light the Fire Within™ Curriculum
I’m not listing these individually but plan to use this resource if I have “holes”
K-12 Music Program and curr. in Fine Arts, Math, Science, Health, Physical Education, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Character Education, lesson plans with supporting links and handouts to print

Olympic School Celebration– 67 pages!!!
useful pages in this document are:
Olympic Theme Activities for Subject Areas – pages 18-25, many of these ideas already represented in this guide
Olympic Artistry – page 27, types of art associated with the Olympics
Olympic Celebration Day Academic Challenge – page 30, this worksheet has the student record facts about a country
Opening Ceromonies – pages 31-33, includes the actual Olympic protocol for Opening Ceromonies
Closing Ceromonies – pages 36-37
Olympic Information and Background – pages 38-59, everything you’d ever want to know presented in question and answer format plus a guide to acronyms
Olympic Symbolism – pages 60-64, creed, motto, rings, etc.
Guidelines and the Use of Olympic Symbols, Marks and Terminology – pages 65-67 or you can get the guidelines at this link in html http://www.olympic-usa.org/education/usingsymbols/symbols.htm

Focus On Respect: Newspapers In Education teacher and student supplements in pdf, lessons use the newspaper extensively, character education type stuff
teacher supplement – 6 pages
useful pages:
Introduction – pages 3-4, Olympic symbols and ideals information
Inspiring Respect – pages 5-6, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet for student
Swifter, Higher, Stronger – pages 7-8, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Teamwork – pages 9-10, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Coming Together – pages 11-12, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Doing The Right Thing – pages 13-14, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Taking Part – pages 15-16, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Not Defeated By Failure – pages 17-18, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Breaking The Tape – pages 19-20, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Discipline of Body and Mind – pages 21-22, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
Courage and Dignity – pages 23-24, 1 page lesson plan and 1 page activity sheet
student supplement – students can use the student supplement instead of or in addition to newspaper articles to complete the lessons in the teacher supplement, this includes pictures and stories of famous Olympians and notable Olympic times in history. 32 pages long and takes a while to load but very good

Time4Teachers.com – 2002 Winter Olympics Worksheets
available in Word or PDF, worksheets are:
Assessment of a factual report – use for assessment of student report or to analyze online and newspaper reporting
Collecting Facts form – this is just a simple blank table to record facts on with space at bottom to list 3 sources
Olympics Facts Gathering – columns titled date, title of source, author, and facts learned
Olympics Report Final Copy – this page is titled Olympics Research at the top of the pdf, space for a picture, a map, and written information
Metric Olympics Setup – 2 pages of how to do a Metric Olympics in a school, could be used by a family
Olympic Medals – a page of graphics with the rings and the words “Go Canada”
Medal Standings Math – 2 page worksheet using information in tables to answer questions
Metric Olympics Organizing Sheet – form for use in Metric Olympics, not useful for our family
Olympics Schedule – this one is only available in pdf, this schedule is a draft dated April 6th, may not be relevant, events are shown in a table showing venues though
Olympics TV Schedule Reading – worksheet that could be used with any TV Olympics schedule
Reading Olympics – Start Letter – a letter to go home to parents about a reading program, does have a table for minutes read and medals awarded that you might want to use as an idea at home
Reading Olympics Goals – for the same reading program
Reading Olympics Recording Sheet – again for this program, sheet with dates for Feb 1st through 17th
Olympics Scavenger Hunt – table with questions and columns for answers and sources

Winter Olympics Crossword – print this out, answers are available, 4th grade
Winter Olympics Fill In The Blanks – print this out, answers are available, 4th grade
Winter Olympics Word Search – print this out, answers are available, 4th grade
Winter Olympics Matching – match the equipment to the sport
Winter Olympics Matching – match the athlete to their sport

Enchanted Learning – Olympics Crossword Puzzle – answers available
Enchanted Learning – Olympics Quiz – print out quiz, for use with the Little Explorers Dictionary at http://www.enchantedlearning.com/Dictionary.html

Internet Resources for History of The Olympics

Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Olympic Primer – History of The Olympic Games and Symbols of The Olympic Games
Amatuer Athletic Foundation – The Olympic Review – a publication by the International Olympic Committee going back 100 years – pdf files
Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Official Olympic Reports – View the full text of several Offical Olympic Reports and excerpts from four books written by Olympic historian Bill Mallon – pdf files
Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Scholarly Journals – various jounals – pdf files
Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Olympic Oral Histories – pdf files
The Olympic Games In History – timeline info
A Tour of Ancient Olympia
You may click on links for Sports, The Site, Spirit, and Stories for information on the original Olympics or use the tour links at the bottom of the pages. This site is easy to read and navigate and has interesting historical information. Actual pictures on the site of Olympia are very cool!
The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
A brief but informative history of the Olympics with a Question and Answer Survey page where you can voice your opinion on several modern Olympic issues and view the opinions of others who have posted. Watch out for the topic “How Did the Olympic Games Get Started?” In part, it discusses nudity in the original games so you may want to review it before letting your kids loose at this site. There is also a glossary on this site. Did you know that athlon means prize and athlos means contest? Once again, very easy to navigate and has some interesting pictures of historical objects.
Lesson Plan – Winter Olympic History Year By Year
Historic stats about the Winter Olympic Games provide the data. Students create the chart. Teaching master included. (Grades 3-12) Worksheet for students included.
WebQuest – Going For The Gold – Grades 7-8
some modification is needed, this webquest was written for Canadian students concerning the Sydney games
Mr. Donn’s Ancient Greek Olympics Simulation Unit (Grades 3-12) – Very cool! includes Spartans, Athenians, etc.
Journey Through the Olympic Games (WebQuest)
WebQuest – The Olympic Games Ancient Greece –
Lesson Plan – Write a Letter to Jesse Owens – with supporting handouts for Grades 3-12
Reference Article – The Winter Olympics
Reference Article – Ancient and Modern Olympic Games in Athens
Reference Article – La Gazella Wilma Rudolph
Reference Article – Olympic Locations Through The Years
Reference Article – Munich Massacre
History Of The Olympic Games – 38 pages, tons of great info including a list of USA medalists, more than just history in this, information specific to the Salt Lake City games
Location and Years Of Each Olympic Games – 1 page pdf, includes number of countries participating and more
Countries Competing In The Olympic Games – 8 page pdf – shows all participating countries in chart showing what years they participated
All-Time USA Medals Chart – 1 page pdf showing US medals totals
US Medals Won By Sport – 1 page pdf
Olympic Records – 5 page pdf
Olympic Links
Links and more links but if you want to take a certain sub-topic a little further this page is pretty useful. It covers Ancient Greece, Ancient Games, Modern Games, Countries, Sports, Paralympics and more. It is however made for Sydney 2000 so it does have some broken links and unuseful stuff. The Activities Online links that I choose were still useful for 2002 and pretty good. I’ve included the good ones in Internet Games and elsewhere.
The Olympics Then & Now – Infoquest for Primary level, some links pertain to Sydney
Olympics Through Time
Divided into Prehistory, Antiquity, and Revival this site is well organized and upper level and all the graphics are clickable and the new page tells additional information about the history of the artifact, map, place or person pictured. Also in the case of paintings and artifacts the museum where the piece resides.
The Olympic Games – History
Short history of the Olympics with clickable words that take you to more information on this site and pictures of actual ruins and artifacts.
The Story of the Winter Games – slide show
The Olympic Museum
The First Olympic Games of 1896
The first Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in April of 1896. Find out what happened at these games and view photographs of the ancient sites.
The Winter Olympics History
Discover which year the Winter Olympic Games were formally established, how many times Japan has hosted the Games, and which 4 athletes won gold medals for snowboarding.

Internet Resources for Modern Olympic Information

Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Olympic Primer – The Olympic Movement, Athletes of The Olympic Games and Issues of The Olympic Games
Foreign Currency – lesson plan with supporting links, design your own currency (Art) and calculate worth (Math)
Lesson Plan – $10 Billion to Host the Winter Olympic Games: Is it worth it?
Suitable for grades 9-12 this economics lesson uses the ’98 winter games in Nagano as an example to discuss the economic side of hosting the Olympics. It is a well organized and useful lesson plan not just objectives. It is available in a Student Version with discussion questions and tables and a printable version of the same. It does not discuss this year’s Olympics.
Lesson Plan – Comparing the Ancient and Modern Olympics: A Venn Diagramming Activity
A Venn diagram helps students compare and contrast today’s Olympics with the Olympics of the ancient Greeks. (Grades 3-12) links given for Venn diagrams plus a link to a Venn diagram generator, very cool!
WebQuest – Going for the Gold: Canada’s Quest to Bid for the 2010 Winter Games
Reference Article – Olympic Scandals: From Bribery to Steriods
Sport Pictograms – you can download the pictograms individually as gif files or get them all in a zip file
http://www.olympic-usa.org/education/graphics.html check this!
Sport by Sport: History, Rules, Equipment, Glossary For Each Sport – a whopper, 271 pages!!
U.S. Olympic – PBS CyberSchool
“Challenges” and lesson plans well organized and attractive. The challenges are directed at students to build their own web sites in one of three categories: skiing, skating, or snowboarding. The challenges are further divided into beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Lesson plans on the site link to a corresponding challenge. I really like these lesson plans because they include a page called “Procedures for teachers” telling you what to print, what to direct the student to do, etc. Super easy to follow and implement!
Olympic Almanac
Information on all things Olympic, including logos, mascots, venues, and bid candidates.

Internet Resources for 2002 Winter Olympics

Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Future Games
2002 Olympics Education – Utah Education Network – Countries, Continents, Venues, Sports, News
2002 Olympics Education – Utah Education Network – Curriculum – Olympic Winter Sports Lessons
includes facts about the sports plus links for more information, questions and activities at bottom of each page for each sport
2002 Olympics Education – Utah Education Network – Events Schedule
Only gives date, no times
6 page schedule gives complete information including venue, time in MST, gives prices to attend events
OlympicQuest 2002 – Prime Time Learning Task
a webquest for grades 5-8, students prepare a prime time TV schedule for the games
OlympicQuest 2002 – TV Viewing
a webquest for grades 3-6, students prepare surveys about which events subjects prefer and compare to actual coverage
OlympicQuest 2002 – By Land, Sea, or Air . . .
a webquest for grades 5-8, students plan an Olympic trip
OlympicQuest 2002 – Fast Food Prices
a webquest for grades 5-8, students collect data on venue fast food prices
OlympicQuest 2002 – Torch Relay Community Stories
a webquest for grades 4-8, students research a city or county along the torch route and create digital story
OlympicQuest 2002 – Wilma Unlimited
a webquest for grades 4-7 about Wilma Rudulph
OlympicQuest 2002 -Most Memorable Athlete
a webquest for grades 5-10, students research the athletes and determine which is most memorable, create a digital story
2002 Olympic Mascots
Salt Lake Tribune
Deseret News
2002 Olympic Torch Interactive Map
Edsitement Article – Remembering Olympic History
Focuses on world events and how the Olympics have been affected this year and in past years. Links throughout the article to pertinent lesson plans for a variety of grade levels. The lesson plans at this site are pretty easy to follow.
Lesson Plan – Olympic Glossary
An Olympic glossary adds to students’ understanding and enjoyment of the Winter Games. (Grades 3-12)
WebQuest – Olympic WebQuest – students write a guide for the current Olympics for aliens that have no knowledge of the games
Official Olympics Site – Sports, Schedules, Athletes, Spectator Info, Shopping, Tickets, Games Programs
Official Site Basic Facts for the Games
Official Site – Kids Page – screensaver, mascot info, etc.
USAToday.com – Olympics 2002 – current news stories, very extensive
United States Olympic Committee
Info on the sports and U.S. athletes, very cool site! Viewer Guides! Supposed to have Kids’ Olympic Base Camp but it is not up and running yet.
NBC Olympics– info on sports, athletes, schedules, TV listings, printable version of TV schedule with comments on athletes to look for
Sports Illustrated for Kids – Olympics 2002 –
Profiles of the athletes, and games to play
Winter Olympic Events
plus at this site Vote For Your Favorite Winter Olympic Sport http://www2.lhric.org/pocantico/olympics/vote.htm
Time For Kids Winter Olympics 2002 – news stories, event facts, athlete profiles, ski trivia challenge, keeping track of medal winners called “Medal Count”
Enchanted Learning – Olympics 2002 – history, flag, torch relay and more, printouts listed separately in other categories
Enchanted Learning – Information on Utah – flag printout, quiz
Yahooligans – 2002 Olympics Daily News –
NY Times – Winter Olympics 2002 – crossword puzzles to play offline or on, two guided web tours, current news, and more
Lesson Plan – Treading Lightly On Flag Waving – grades 6-8 and 9-12 – current!
CNNSI.com – 2002 Winter Olympics
has an Olympic countdown clock
current news stories from Time and SI
viewer’s guide, sports explainers, medal picks, quizzes on each winter sport, guide to US athletes, torch relay, historic timeline of winter games, participation statistics, 2002 Winter Almanac, ski tip video, big site!
National Geographic for Kids
The January – February 2002 issue of this online classroom magazine features the 2002 Winter Games. Play the new quiz game about the Winter Olympics and read an article that helps explain how science matters in the world of sports.

Internet Quizzes

Amatuer Athletic Foundation – Web Games
Quiz: Are You An Olympic Whiz Kid?
BrainPop – The Olympics Movie
BrainPop’s standard cool movie, this one on the Olympics with interactive quiz while the movie loads. The movie covers some basic ancient and modern history of the Olympics and you can choose the quiz again after the movie. You need the Flash 5 plug in to view the movie. For more info on tech issues, click on the “tech support” link on the page.
Winter Olympics Riddles – click and drag mouse for answers
Winter Olympics Word Scramble – same click and drag thing
Winter Olympics Quiz from Encarta – online and see results
Time For Kids – Ski Trivia Challenge –
Ancient Olympic CyberHunt – question and answer with the link to find the answer
Salt Lake 2002 CyberHunt – question and answer with the link to find the answer
Scholastic Olympics Cyberhunt
answers available on Teacher page

Internet Games

Amateur Athletic Foundation – Web Games
Games include:
New Sports Scramble – unscramble photo puzzle pieces of a new Olympic sport
Olympic Map Game – identify Olympic games of the city
Meet The Mascots – puzzle game
Sports Under Cover – identify the sport that is hiding bit by bit
2002 Winter Olympic Games for Kids: Puzzles – Cryptogram, Word Scramble, and Word Search

Sports Illustrated for Kids – Olympics 2002 –
Profiles of the athletes, and games to play

Puzzles from Jigzone – online puzzles to solve, listed individually below

Art and Craft Projects

Mega Medals – draw your medal shape onto thin cardboard, don’t forget to draw the top of the medal used for attaching to ribbon, cut out the cardboard medal, cover the cardboard with two layers of paper mache, for a raised middle effect tape on a smaller circle of cardboard in the middle of your medal and add an extra layer of paper mache, paint and varnish your medals, use a darning needle to pierce a hole through the top for a chain or string
Flying Flags – using construction paper for flags and cardboard paper towel tubes for flag poles, make the country flag of your choice
Snowy Days – use scissors to cut out people, trees, and houses from from construction paper and glue them on to a sheet of dark paper, use white crayons to draw falling snow, add more snow with bits of cotton balls, use a black marker for making shadows in the snow
Scrapbooking project – have kids pull out our mementos of our Salt Lake City Vacation and build a scrapbook with them

Coloring Pages

The Legend of the Mascots – 1 worksheet

SaltLake2002.com – Kid’s Coloring Book

Enchanted Learning – Olympic Flag to color with flag facts on page also


Music and the Olympic Spirit – lesson plan with supporting links

Science Projects

Freezing and Melting – When the weather becomes cold, it can change many of the things around us. It can cause water to freeze, or solidity, into ice or snow. This change is easy to reverse; warmed ice will thaw, or melt, back into water. EXPANDING ICE – 1. Find two large empty plastic bottles. Tape a paper marker around each about half way up. 2. Using a large pitcher of water, carefully fill each of the bottles exactly to the mark on the paper. 3. Place one bottle in a warm room and the other in your freezer. Leave them overnight. 4. Take out the frozen bottle and compare the water level in each of them. WHY IT WORKS – There seems to be more ice. This is because water expands, gets larger when it freezes. Pipes sometimes burst in winter because the water inside freezes and expands. FURTHER IDEAS – Find lumps of chocolate, butter, and wax from a candle, about the same size as an ice cube. Place them on a tray. Leave the tray in a warm place to compare how they melt. Place the tray in the freezer to reverse the changes.
Experiment – Downhill Discoveries – there are some common household materials to gather for this one

Physics and Biomechanics of the Olympics – physics/luge and biomechanics/skating

Physiology and Psychology of the Olympics – cross country skiing

Language Arts Activities

Idea – Keep an event log with events listed down left side and top columns headed Gold medal country, Gold medal athlete, Silver medal country, Silver medal athlete, Bronze medal country, and Bronze medal athlete – use old accounting ledger – Have middle child be the Official Win Recorder.
Vocabulary List – this time I am going to try building a vocabulary list as we go, having the kids write words they want to include on index cards
Idea – Choose a country other than ours for a country report
Idea – Choose an athlete and write a short biography
Lesson Plan – Your Body
Get with either Fabian (Swiss-style German), Holly (Canadian French), or Carolina (Spanish) to get foreign language words for body parts.
Lesson plan – Language and Expressions
If available, read the book, The King who Reigned or A Chocolate Moose.
accompanying online game at 
Worksheet – Going For The Gold – students write an opinion essay, pdf file accessible through this link

Lesson Plan – Olympic Leaders – write a one page description of an athlete and give it orally

History and Geography Activities

History of The Olympics timeline – Have oldest child be the Historian and supervise the building of the timeline, have him produce a bibliography of sources used for the timeline in correct format
World Map with country outlines to mark participating countries
Olympic venue map – to follow along with
Idea – Investigate the origins of the sports at the Winter Games
the sports are: alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsledding, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, Nordic combined, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, long-track speed skating, and short-track speed skating
Lesson plan – Sharing Your Heritage
We have 3 foreign exchange students living with members of extended family right now. Find out if our new cousins’ home countries are in the Olympics and if they are use this lesson plan and the accompanying interview form at 
Xpeditions – Olympic Competition Lesson Plan
This lesson plan is for K-2 and covers modern and ancient Olympics. Lesson is geography oriented.

Math Activities
Idea – Graph countries by medals won, they can take information from the event log that they keep, provide graph paper for older two children and use index cards of country names and counters for youngest child to produce graph
Winter Olympic Statistics – statistics to use as a reference

Off To The Games – lesson plan with worksheet in pdf or doc and supporting links for research

Lesson Plan – Olympic Decimals

Students add competitive event times, expressed in decimals, to determine the winners! Teaching Master included. (Grades 3-8)
Game – Fractions in Olympics (Grades 4-8) download the pdf game file

Lesson Plan – Classroom Olympics (Grades 3-8) students measure distance

Lesson Plan – Olympic Records Through Time – graphing activity, student worksheet in html or pdf

Bible Activities
 – Learn to appreciate the extensive training that the athletes undertake and relate that to Christianity. i.e. life long training, pray without ceasing related to train without ceasing, etc. Hopefully partway through this study I can have more time to develop this. Perhaps during all that TV watching of the games!

Physical Education and Health Activities
 – Encourage my oldest to set more realistic goals for his running, remind him that health wise 5 miles a day is not good for a adolescent. Perhaps the idea that he has plenty of time to train (above) will foster more healthful goals and lesson injury (Keep an eye out for Olympic athletes speaking on this subject to kids.)
Fitness And Health – lesson plan with supporting links

Geography Run – lesson plan

Lesson Plan – Cardiovascular Fitness – use lesson after viewing an athletic event that demonstrates cardiovascular effort, students make a fitness plan

Idea – Find out how athletes cope with the mental stress of performance.
Olympic Nutrition
This site features nutrition for elite athletes, the menu for the Olympic Village during the Games, tips and hints and more.

Nutrition Science & the Olympics
This excellent site presents an online course that navigates through a number of units concerned with fuel, movement and sport and eating for performance. The materials presented include excellent animations of processes and concepts and study questions to examine learning.

Other Ideas
– When a country wins a gold medal, find a recipe native to that country and make the dish.
Idea – get a newspaper during the Olympics, consider what things were chosen to report on and why, use articles to add to notebooks
Enchanted Learning – Medals to Print Out – black and white or color, also there is an idea here for using juice can lids for medals

 – notebook for each child, start the study with decorating that notebook and keep all things that will fit related to the study in the notebook
Create An Olympic Journal and Scrapbook – 1 page, 1 copy sufficient for all children

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