Grade 8th Math

Grade 8th math curriculum is a sort of learning program, which can be taught by making use of several eighth grade lessons like interactive activities, learning printable games worksheets, assessments and reinforcements. Manipulative are quite significant for grade 8th math lessons. This particular curriculum should depend on a variety of tools for learning. Moreover, this particular grade of math curriculum should take into account all mathematical strands and not just deal with arithmetic. The important strands of an eighth grade math include number sense and operation, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement and analysis of data and probability.


A student of grade 8th math lesson is given a set of lesson plans where he/she can make the best use of the experience from kindergarten to the seventh standard. In this particular mathematical grade level, the student learns how to work with positive and negative numbers, exponents and the order of operations along with scientific and standard notation. The students get an opportunity to learn more about the interaction with whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and integers.

The grade 8th math curriculum seems quite challenging for the students as they get a chance to face several mathematical challenges like those rightly introduced with complicated and innovative concepts. The eighth grade teaches students names of words and standard numerals for integers, fractions, decimals, numbers expressed as percents, numbers with exponents, numbers expressed in scientific notation, absolute value, radicals, and ratios. Here the meanings and concepts of rational and irrational numbers are well described with the use of physical and graphical displays. These also help the students to know about the relation between fractions, decimals and percents so that they can handle mathematics properly.

A student of grade 8th math should know the effects created by four basic math operations on fractions, decimals, integers, whole numbers and mixed numbers. The students should also form a proper understanding about the opposite relation of positive and negative numbers and go for a proper application of properties of real numbers for solving problems. However, the properties of real numbers include commutative, associative, distributive, identity, equality, inverse, and closure attributes.

There are several concrete and graphic models, which help a student of grade 8th math search and educe formulas for surface area and volume of three-dimensional regular shapes like pyramids, prisms, and cones. Grade 8th math also teaches students how to apply formulas for determining rates, distance, time, and angle measures. It also teaches you how to describe and use rates of change and other derived measures.

During the course of eighth grade math students are taught how to construct and make use of scale drawings to recreate particular situations. They also learn how to solve problems by making use of mixed units within each system of feet and inches, as well as hours and minutes.

Grade 8th math makes use of the conversions of measurement method with the help of which students try to solve problems making use of either the customary or the metric system. However, the students of this particular level are also expected to know a wide range of strategies to describe, estimate and solve mathematical and real-world problems, which includes several measuring techniques. In fact, a grade 8th math helps a student acquire more perfection in this particular field.

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