Government Around the World

Explore government and civics for kids. Learn about governments and how they work, both at local and national level.

Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids
This site covers civics, broken down into age appropriate categories K-12. There is even a section for parents and teachers. Check out the links to US government web sites for kids.

About Canadian Government
The Canadian Government presents information for kids here, including how the government works.

Government Mexico for Kids
This bright, clear look at the government of Mexico includes such topics as municipalities and rights.

Junior Parliament
How does the British Parliament work? Who was Guy Fawkes, and why is he famous? This site is specially designed for under 12 year olds. Take a tour, and then try the quiz.

Kids Democracy Project
Find out how the government affects you. Afterwards, try your hand at being President for the day. This site is clear, simple and fun.

Kids Next Door
Learn about community helpers and local government. This site is ideally suited for the younger age range (K-2).

US State Department – Geographic Learning Site
Discover how the State Department works with age appropriate areas of discovery. Find out where US diplomats work and travel with the Secretary of State.

White House for Kids
Find out all about the White House. Where it is, its history, what children have lived in it, and even what pets have lived there.

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