Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting without tears is a helpful program for children that assist a child to develop his/her handwriting skills in a very fun loving way. The primary motive of the program is to make children acquire the natural skills and abilities of writing. It has helped a large number of students from different parts of the world in improving their handwriting skills.

In recent times, the handwriting without tears program has emerged to be one of the most successful methods in making hand writing easier and clearer for children. It has been observed that most of the students do not possess excellent writing capacity and they often commit mistakes with the formation of letters and exact words leading to poor quality writing.

A child often gets frustrated and as a result, gives away with the habit of writing. Here comes the HWT program, which provides children with the multi-sensory methods that help children largely to improve their writing skills. The program not only assists a child to improve the quality of his handwriting but also promotes interest and fun within him to acquire a strong grasp over writing.

The HWT program has mainly three parts. They are readiness, taught in kindergartens, printing, taught in 1st and 2nd grade, and lastly, cursive, for 3rd to 5th grade. Readiness is the first stage of the HWT program where the child is taught to learn different tools for conceptualizing various shapes and colors. They also gain a sharp knowledge regarding the usage of letters and numbers. This handwriting without tears program helps a child to draw out shapes of wood pieces, stamps, etc.

Next in discussion is the second category of handwriting without tears program, which is the printing section. The printing part for children is really interesting and fun loving. For instance, with the help of the chalkboard, a child can mark out the strokes for the letters. The chalkboard does not resemble copy and the pencil that is why it is not boring. Therefore, students get encouraged through the help of the multi-sensory learning and the wet-dry-try method. Moreover, the workbooks are also encouraging as it provides children with lots of playful activities, which they would love to have.

The last stage of the HWT program is the cursive success. The cursive section is one of the most vital sections for your child so that he/she can have a sharp conception of the letters. It is a great way to teach a child how to use letters in order to form words. Therefore, you see how useful is the HWT program that forms an important part of learning handwriting without tears for children.

The Handwriting without tears program is a very easy and simple method to provide your child with excellent results. You must check whether your child practices handwriting on a daily basis. Don’t pressurize by throwing a big task upon your child, just try to promote interest and motivation by allotting short schedules and timings for your child’s practice. There are cursive teaching faculties who will make your child understand the educational programs conducted by the schools.

Handwriting without tears is a real entertaining-cum-educational program that assures self-confidence in your child. News is around the corner that Handwriting without tears program has flourished largely based on its responses from all over the world. It is not at all a costly program and provides ample scope for all children to participate in the program. Various teachers, administrators and scholars from different parts of the country come to take part in handwriting without tears program.

Your child will simply love to spend his entire time with handwriting without tears.

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