Inspirational Poems

There is a plethora of inspirational poems all around you. You find inspirational lines on the walls of churches and community centers. You may find such poems when you turn the pages of magazines and best sellers. Inspiration poems are meant to increase your morale – when you are down, when you are ill, when you have lost someone dear and especially when you are dieting. They tell you what you need to hear – the right thing at the right time. Indeed the inspiration poems give you a food for thought.

Effectiveness of inspirational poems

These poems help in unleashing human emotions. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you protest and they may even make you appreciate – in short, inspiration poems make you act. They give you peace when you are feel restless, they make you sleep when you have spent some dull sleepless nights and they are like the first fresh. These poems are like glowing dewdrops on dry thirsty leaves. They are not just some lines – they are moral magics. Inspiration poems are no doubt exceptional.

Several writers have written innumerable inspiration poems over the years and each one of them have something special and different to offer.

Wordsworth – the inspirational poet

Wordsworth is an inspirational poet in the truest sense because he is referred to as the friend, philosopher and guide of human generation. He served as an English Poet Laureate continuously for seven years. He has indeed inspired people and Daffodils in one of the several inspirational poems of his time.

Percy Bysshe Shelley too inspired a lot

He is a romantic inspirational poet par excellence. This master poet influenced several Victorian poets and “The Clouds” is an example of his inspirational literary excellence.

The other side of inspirational poems

There are some inspiration poets whose works are outcome of their own personal experiences and grievances in life. For instance, Helen Rice wrote several inspirational poems at the time when she was suffering from utter depression. Her husband at that time lost his entire fortune in a massive stock market crash and overburdened with debts and miseries he was forced to put an end to his life. The several inspirational poems composed by Helen were apt for her as well as for those who are forced to go through similar circumstances in life.

Inspiration war poets

Have you ever gone through war poems? They are inspirational in the truest sense. They evoke the patriotic self in you and help you become more brave and dynamic in life.

In short, when days are gray and nights are long, inspirational poems add a new dimension to your life and give you the strength to struggle and survive.

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