Love Poems

Love poems can be an ideal conveyor of all your heartfelt renderings for the special one – your love. “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions…” – indeed an expression, cherished and acknowledged by many young and old hearts. Truly, such poems stand out as a mark love and affection in the world of romanticism.

Poetry rules the sphere of love. Sweet love poems provide an admirable form of conveying your feelings across. Besides imparting a magnetic charm to the sweet relationship you share with your beloved, the love poems successfully dedicate the devotion and care you hold for the person concerned.

There is in fact an entire genre of love poems in the history of literature. The Romantic Era in England has witnessed many a brilliant poets, including Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth, Byron and Blake, who have thawed millions of hearts with their wondrous expression of love and passion. Their works still remain as inimitable masterpieces of romantic expression.

Any of these beautiful poems from the historical romantic era can be your token of love for your beloved. Or else you may also opt for a first hand experience, by penning down one and presenting it before your love. Indigenous attempt holds more binding than an imitated one. Follow your heart and some basic needs in writing poetry, to experience the difference in your life and love. Fill in and spread the magic of romance through exquisite love poems of your own, or from the legends in romantic poetry.

Imagination and creativity are the prime factors in creating something as romantic as love poems. The poet gives vent to his core thoughts and feelings in poetry. By blending instinctive feelings with sheer stunning creativity, he renders an enigmatic art piece in the form love poems. However, romantic poetry or love poems have a different tone of their own, which set them apart from others in the row. A soft and touching tonal quality is found to be attached with most of the romantic poems. The poet generally associates his beloved with any Goddess or angel, and his world seems to be revolving round the special person in imagination.

Though love poems are mostly found to be quite inspirational and rejuvenating, yet there are a few exceptions, where the poet is found to be in a complete loss of vigor, and full of disillusionment and frustration. However, majority of these poems are purely romantic, extolling the significance of falling in love. Some of the famous love poems, include, Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day (William Shakespeare), Who Ever Loved (Christopher Marlowe), I Prithee Send Me Back My Heart (Sir John Suckling), La Vita Nuova (Dante Alighieri), Excerpt from Paradise Lost Book IV (John Milton), She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep (Robert Graves), Last Night You Left Me and Slept (Rumi), To Helen (Edgar Allen Poe), A Red, Red Rose (Robert Burns) and I Carry Your Heart with Me (EE Cummings).

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