Poems for Funerals

Poems for funerals are a tribute to the souls attaining eternity. We all know that death is said to be a journey from ignorance to God, and funerals serve as the farewell occasion for every passerby leading him the way towards eternity. Based on this melancholic occasion, poems for funerals are composed as a mark of respect for the dead. These poems convey a touch of sadness with a blend of peace for the soul. It is the sad nature of the poems, which keeps us unhappy because the poems for funerals are mostly inspired by death.

It is a true belief of the Christians that God is eternal. The belief is totally based upon the earthly existence of Jesus Christ. They believe that when a body dies, the soul is retained within the body. They are fully justified in their belief as the resurrection of Jesus allowed his followers to enter the gates of Heaven.

As a result, the Christians think that a physical body does not actually die because God introduces the dead person into a world of love and peace. It is here that the funeral poems play an active part. If your loved ones die, then it is the poems for funerals that consoles you to think that the person has not died but staying in his home with God. The divine essence of these poems gives you peace and harmony. The memorial poems that are written mostly by friends or families help a lot in giving consolation after lots of grievances.

Many people take pleasure in reading poems for funerals. Some poems are so beautifully written that they really soothe the heart and helps in overcoming the bereavement that you have suffered within you. There are numerous poems on funerals written by some of the well-known poets of the world. Even some poets prefer to quote few instances by William Shakespeare to heighten the sadness in the poems. The poems on funerals are similar to odes and dedicated to the person who has died.

Grief and sadness are the most painful situations for a human being. It is very difficult to face each and every passing moment of sadness after you have lost someone close to you. Time is the only factor that heals up all the wounds. However, if you are aware of the appropriate words for comfort, you will easily overcome all the saddest moment of your life. Therefore, the poems for funerals are a fine way to get through any sort of mishap in the family.

There are a few steps for writing a funeral poem. If you are desirous to write poem for funeral, first decide, with whom you are going to share your poem. Whether it is for your personal use, or for a group, compose the expression of the poem accordingly. The second step for you would be to assemble all your thoughts and feelings that you had for the concerned person. Don’t worry about the writing skill or the use of rhythmic patterns. Simply let your thoughts flow throughout the poem. Poems for funerals will let you to bring out the emotions for your loved one.

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