Elementary Teacher

As an educator, an elementary teacher has a lot of contribution in shaping the entire persona of the child into an adult individual. Childhood comprises fun and innocence. Yet it is that tender time of our life when we learn about the basics of etiquettes, habits and the natural norms of living in a civilized society. Indeed, thanks to the whole gamut of elementary teachers for introducing the fresh minds of cherubim with a new horizon.

As the primary educator, an elementary teacher has to perform the multifarious tasks of a versatile genius. Besides being moderately conversant with science, maths, drawing, and other academics, she/he has to have a good psychological knowledge of dealing with the innocently ignorant and wandering minds of the infants. It is during these formative years that a child needs someone to answer to all the varied queries in his/her mind.

The responsibilities of a child’s future depend on the beloved elementary teacher. Children spend most of the time in school. As a result, their interaction with the teachers is far more than that with their parents at home. It is through the eyes of an elementary teacher that the child learns about the world and its nuances. The teacher acts as the torchbearer for the children to face the new world.

Thus, a lot of responsibility rests on the mighty shoulders of the elementary teachers. Besides having a sound knowledge on their respective subjects, they should also be well-versed in handling a class of 20-30 students at a go. A child’s mind is always brimming with curiosities – it makes up an entire question bank. Exceptionally good communicative skill is expected of an elementary teacher. The teacher must primarily be able to communicate well with the child’s psychology. Only then can it be possible for him/her to reach out to the wandering mind of the little bee.

The basic criterion required for the elementary teacher to teach in public schools is a bachelor’s degree in any particular subject, while an M.A. acts as an added advantage. For the private schools though, a bachelor’s degree is not mandatory, yet preferred for the same. Apart from the general degrees, all elementary teachers should have served as a trainee teacher under a certified and experienced teacher before joining in as a permanent teacher.

With the sharp rise in the need of teachers everywhere, there are great scopes for elementary teachers in terms of career prospects and emoluments. The job openings for these basic teachers are also about to increase in the next few years. Most exciting of all, average annual salary of an elementary teacher might hike from $27,000 to as high as $70,000.

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