ESL Activities

Children who have English as Second Language (ESL), need to go through ESL activities. ESL is a term that is applied for teaching English to children who do not have English as their first language in different countries.

Try to make the English classes interesting for the kids of the different countries, this will help the kids who have some other native language for first language learn English with enthusiasm. As a teacher, you may require some help that will assist you to move on with the ESL activities and make them fun, educative and interesting for the kids.

How you proceed with ESL activities

There is a fun-filled way to get started with when you are getting the kids familiar with the English language. The educative game “Backs to the Board” can be used as a wonderful tool in making the kids take interest in learning the English language. In this activity, one of the students is made to stand with his/her back facing the board; you write an English word or phrase on the blackboard and ask the other students to try to help the student get what is written on the board.

In order to enhance the spelling as well as vocabulary of the children, you can have an activity where you just pick one alphabet, say “S”. After this, you ask the kids to add one letter to S one by one. The next letter added could be “T”, so now it becomes “ST,” go on with the game until the kids come up with a word.

Among the ESL activities, you can also have an activity that is all about sentence reduction. The teacher has to write a long sentence on the board, which is suitable for developing the vocabulary of the children. Ask the kids to erase some words from the sentence, so that the sentence is still left with a meaning. The activity is carried on to a time when no more reduction is possible. The kids must know how short the sentence can become without going wrong on the grammar.

The picture story is another activity that is a favorite with the kids. Here, you give a picture or some pictures to a child and ask him/her to imagine a story and tell it aloud to the class in English. This improves the conversational skills in English and helps to create fluency in the language.

There are many other ideas for ESL activities that you can come up with, they are great for improving the quality of the English language among the children learning English as second language in different countries. The aim is to make the ESL activities seem all about fun and then see the outcome. Therefore, the kids should take to the ESL classes as a fish takes to water.

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