Teaching Toddler

When the task is of teaching toddler, keep in mind that you have to introduce loads of enthusiasm and interests to get the toddlers learn something. Most importantly keep a check on the toys that you buy for the toddlers; the toys can be wonderful teaching tools. There are toys that can be effectively used for a teaching toddler the numbers and letters.

The best thing that a toddler can be taught is recognizing the letters and numbers; other things come later. It is a wonderful idea to choose toys that will enhance the learning of the kids. This is great as the toddlers are interested in learning; for them it will be a source of entertainment as learning without even realizing that they are being taught.

Toddlers have fresh brains that pick up things very fast. So, when they play with toys that help them recognize letters and numbers, they get familiar with the alphabets and the numbers. Your aim should be teaching toddler while they are at play and completely unaware of the learning process. The toddler is happy as long as the little one gets to play and you are happy as long as the toddler is able to learn effectively and retain in mind what he/she has learned.

Games for letter recognition

There are many toys, which can get the kids acquainted to letters for future learning. Many crossword puzzles, jigsaws, alphabet mats, toy phones, and books have the letters on them, which help the toddlers to learn. Engraved letters on the toys will help the toddler see as well as feel the curvature of the letters and get it registered in their minds; teaching toddler is very easy.

The toddler also sees the difference between the different letters and learns that. You have to remember that the toddler needs your help to understand the letters and learn them. You have to be there to guide the toddlers in knowing the different letters, so that they are able to learn properly. Once the toddler knows all the letters, you can introduce words starting with the letters to better their knowledge.

Take time to play with your toddler, teaching toddler at the same time. It is surely going to be a fun-filled experience. You will surely love it all the way and will be surprised at how fast your child learns.

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