Christmas Trees

Think of Christmas and the first thing that comes to mind are evergreen Christmas trees. For who can think of celebrating Christmas without the traditionally decorated tree? The history of the Christmas tree tradition is often traced to the Christianization of the prehistoric pagan belief that the evergreen tree signifies a commemoration of the rejuvenation […]

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are the best option in today�s context. Advanced technologies have given revolutionary shape, form and texture to artificial Christmas trees. No wonder, they seem to be so very natural. You will be surprised to find that a present day Christmas tree comes with a variety of materials. A pre-lit Christmas tree is […]


An African American Celebration Beginning on December 26 and lasting for 7 days, Kwanzaa is an African American holiday. It reinforces community, family and good social values through seven principles. Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday in terms of most celebrations held at this time of year, but it is celebrated by millions and is […]

Origami: The Japanese Art of Paper Folding

Although Origami is known to be a Japanese Art or sometimes Craft, it actually started out in China. The Chinese invented paper, and when the invention spread to Japan, so did the art of paper folding. Most Japanese practice origami, but it started out as an art form for religious ceremonies. Find out more about […]

History of Kwanzaa

The unique festival of Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration laying its focus on the traditional African values of self-improvement, community responsibility, family and commerce. The history of Kwanzaa is a Pan-African festival, which is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. The festival is neither religious nor political. The term �Kwanzaa� implies the first fruits […]


The Yule is celebrated as a winter festival. Though it originated in Northern Europe, it has been celebrated during the pre-Christian times by Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic pagans. The date was determined by a lunar calendar and the day for celebration shifted from late December to early January. Yule is a great day for celebration […]


A North American Holiday Although most people outside North America have heard of Thanksgiving, not many really know much about it. This article explains what Thanksgiving is, who celebrates it and why. Thanksgiving is a National Holiday celebrated in both Canada and the US. In Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October, […]

When is a Pancake not a Pancake?

All American children know that a pancake is thick, round and dry, and that you add a topping to it. British children will tell you it is thin, slightly oiled and tastes best rolled up with lemon juice and sugar in the middle. Egyptian children eat it as a snack, folded in half, stuff with […]

Make Paper lanterns

There are plenty of sites on line showing how to make paper lanterns, but none quite as impressive as this one. It takes basic materials, a little skill and a lot of patience. Follow these simple instructions and make your own. Making paper lanterns is fun, and this one can be proudly hung in your […]

Confucius Birthday

All the devotees throughout the world traditionally celebrate Confucius birthday on September 28. This day is especially celebrated by the people of China- where it is a national holiday- to honor the best teacher in Chinese history. “Master Kong,” or Kong Qui better known as Confucius (Latin name) is believed to be born on September […]