Confucius Birthday

All the devotees throughout the world traditionally celebrate Confucius birthday on September 28. This day is especially celebrated by the people of China- where it is a national holiday- to honor the best teacher in Chinese history.

“Master Kong,” or Kong Qui better known as Confucius (Latin name) is believed to be born on September 28, 551 BC. However, you would find it interesting that the Westerners celebrate Confucius birthday on two separate days.

In the Republic of China, Confucius birthday is celebrated as “National Teacher’s Day” on 28 September, emphasizing on Confucius’ doctrine, which advocated the right for learning and knowledge to everyone. You will also find his birthday being marked on 27th day of the eighth lunar month (that is between the end of September and the beginning of November) in the Chinese lunar calendar.

He was a great Chinese scholar and social philosopher, whose thoughts and teachings have profoundly influenced Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese thoughts and life. His preaching�s have guided millions for over 2500 years.

Confucian philosophy

The Confucius birthday also commemorates the teachings of the great philosopher of China. The philosophy of Confucius put together in 6th century is popularly known as Confucianism.

His philosophy stressed on governmental as well as personal rightness, morality, of social relationships and sincerity. During the Han Dynasty his values gained great prominence in China over other doctrines, such as Legalism and Taoism.

Well, you should not confuse Confucianism, as a religion, rather it is the deep respect for the Confucius� philosophy that has turned it into a sort of religion. Confucius birthday is actually a festival that takes you to the fascinating intricacies of the Chinese psyche.

Teachings of Confucius

The basis of Confucius� thoughts proposed that not just the aristocrats but everybody who has the depth and desire to learn, should be allowed the opportunity of formal education. Confucius led a life of poverty and virtual obscurity, yet his students dispersed his teachings, which were apt for feudal times and instantly popular after his death.

You can find his teachings primarily in the �Analects of Confucius�, actually a collection of “brief aphoristic fragments”, compiled many years after his demise. According to modern historians it can�t be said specifically whether Confucius wrote any document.

Celebration on Confucius birthday

On Confucius birthday fairly typical ceremonies are held throughout the island of Qufu (Shandong), the birthplace of Confucius. This festival extensively celebrates his life in a charming way that you can best experience at the Confucius Temple in Qufu. On this day, some of the early rituals of Confucianism are practiced and in the grounds of the massive temple a great fair is held.

The celebrations of Confucius birthday begin at 4 o’clock in the morning in the Confucius temple and other Confucius temples throughout China. This day is distinguished for its modest ceremonies at temples throughout the island of Qufu, and some individual practitioners even takes time off to observe the day in their own ways, contemplating the virtues of Confucius.

You can see grand celebrations on Confucius birthday. The events include musical performances and dancing using ancient instruments, wearing traditional costumes and other rites. The memorial party is joined by thousands of people. Good foods are also sampled at night street stalls. On Confucius birthday, not only is his life celebrated but his death is also venerated.

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