Naw Ruz

The Bahai New Year is called Naw Ruz. Naw Ruz is one of the nine Holy days of Bahai community. The event takes place in the VernalEquinox, on 21st March. It also marks the on set of Spring and the beginning of the Iranian year. The celebration of Naw Ruz also indicates spiritual growth and […]

May Day

The first May Day celebrations date back before the beginning of Christianity, to the time when Roman gods and goddesses were worshiped. The celebration was always held on the first day of May, in honor of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. It was a joyous event as it marked the end of a long, […]

Fathers Day

The origins of Fathers Day go back to the early 20th century when a little girl was listening to a sermon about Mothers Day and since she was raised by her father when her mother passed away she thought about a day to honor her father and show him how much she loved him. The […]

Thanksgiving Day

The happy family festival, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States, Canada and many other countries. This day observes the feast of the Pilgrim Colonists and the Wampanoag members at Plymouth in 1621. Thanksgiving Day is an annual single-day holiday for offering thanks for what one receives at the end of the harvest season. […]

Artificial Christmas Tree

The artificial Christmas tree has come a long way with the passage of time, thanks to the technological advancement of manufacturing crafts. These wonderful recreations of woodland splendor are very different in a whole lot of ways than Christmas trees in the previous times. Truth be told, a company that manufactured brushes took to fabricating […]

Santa Claus

Christmas is a universal vibrant episode geared with the most loved eternal symbol of the event, your dear Santa Claus. Santa Clause is the traditional gift giver who lavishes gift on children on Christmas Eve. The Origin Today�s Santa Clause is derived from a figure of a Dutch folk tale. This tale tells the story […]

Christmas Eve Traditions

The day before Christmas Day, the birth of Jesus Christ is Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve traditions on December 24th forms a part of the entire Christmas season. For setting up and adorning the Christmas tree, the day of the Christmas Eve is the traditional day, though the trees have been set up for weeks before […]

Christmas Traditions

Christmas or Christmas Day is a holyday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The actual date of Christ�s birth is not known and even the New Testament does not give a specific date. Back in 350 A.D., Pope Julius I declared December 25 as the official date for celebrating Christmas. This might have something […]

Christmas Trees

Think of Christmas and the first thing that comes to mind are evergreen Christmas trees. For who can think of celebrating Christmas without the traditionally decorated tree? The history of the Christmas tree tradition is often traced to the Christianization of the prehistoric pagan belief that the evergreen tree signifies a commemoration of the rejuvenation […]

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are the best option in today�s context. Advanced technologies have given revolutionary shape, form and texture to artificial Christmas trees. No wonder, they seem to be so very natural. You will be surprised to find that a present day Christmas tree comes with a variety of materials. A pre-lit Christmas tree is […]