World Map Poster

A world map poster is poster featuring a map of the world. A world map poster is graphical representation of the world. A world map poster is designed and intended to be placed on wall or other such surface. Usually, a waterproof & tear- resistant synthetic paper or canvas is used to design a world […]

World Wall Maps

The world wall maps are the maps designed and intended for placement on a wall. The world wall maps are much similar to scroll painting or flexible canvas or brocade wall hangings that can be rolled for storage. The world wall maps are often the printed or drawn maps that are visually interesting and attractive. […]

World Map Wall

You are at right place, if you looking for some useful information on world map wall. Your world wall map is sometimes also termed as world map wall. Your world map wall is a map of the world designed and intended for placement on a wall. Similar to a scroll painting or a flexible canvas […]

World Globes

The world globes are round model representing the spheroid body of earth or the world. Often used literally as synonymous with the “earth” or “world,” the word – globe – has come from the Latin word “globus” that means round mass or sphere. The world globes are sphere representing the maps of world. The oldest […]

North America Map

The major developments in cartography took place during the Age of Exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries. The world as whole began to appear in the early 16th century maps of the world. The north america map developments began following the voyages by Columbus (1492) and discoveries of the New World. The Waldseemüller’s world […]

Outline World Map

If you are like any other person with an imagination in the world, you have probably sat down in front of an outline world map at one point or another and considered the possibilities that were in store. Maybe it was at home with a pinup of an outline world map on your wall in […]

World Time

World time is measured by the world clock. Now, everybody should know how this clock, which records time world wide, works. To begin lets know a bit about its history. World time truly came into existence in November 1995. It all began in 1884, when the International Meridian Conference held in Washington declared the Greenwich […]

Surprising Geographical Facts

Do you know which is the tallest mountain in the world? I bet most of you would be surprised to know that it is in the United States. Almost everyone talks of Mount Everest, in the Himalayas, as being the tallest mountain, but it isn’t. It has the world’s highest peak, but it isn’t the […]


Ecology is a common term that we hear every day. Commonly it is synonymous to the study of the natural world around us. However, more scientifically it is just not that; it is a multi-disciplinary branch of biology that studies living organisms in relation to the biosphere they inhabit. Alternatively known as ecological science, this […]

Location or Place?

Sometimes people become confused between location and place. What is a location and what is a place, and why are they not the same? Well in everyday language they probably are the same, but in geographical terms they are very different. Location tells you where something is, place tells you what it is like. Location […]