Pacific Ring of Fire

It would take some really giant steps to walk the entire length of the Pacific Ring of Fire and there’d be need to do a good bit of swimming, too, but it would be a journey along the earth’s most active area for volcanoes and earthquakes. The journey, almost 25,000 miles long, gets its name […]

Canadian Flag

Many people consider the Canadian flag to be one of the most easy to identify of all national flags used today. Its distinctive red and white colors, including the red maple leaf in its center, are the result of good design but it’s also the result of much heated debate. A national flag is designed […]


Kids in Hiroshima live in one of the most famous cities in all Japan. In fact, Hiroshima is one of the most famous cities in all the world. Hiroshima, which is almost 500 years old, is the capital city of Hiroshima Prefecture. A Japanese prefecture is very similar to a state in the United States. […]

Confederate Flag

People have been using flags since almost forever to identify a group of individuals united by a common cause. Flags flew from castle turrets and on ships that sailed the seven seas. Explorers carried flags as they discovered new lands and the astronauts even placed a US flag on the moon. One of the most […]

History of the Hovercraft

To drive on land, you need some wheels. To drive on the water, wheels won’t do any good but a propeller will get you going. To travel on ice, you’ll need skis, snow tires, or chains to keep from slipping and sliding out of control. Right? Well, kind of right. Right in most cases, anyway. […]

Christopher Columbus

“In 1400 and 92, Columbus sailed The ocean blue. He sailed and sailed And sailed and sailed To find this land For me and you!” Did you learn that song in the second grade? Kids in the 1960s did. Of course, many people who learned that song in the 1960s sing it now to their […]


Kids of all ages love pirates. Many people go through a phase in their lives when they even want to be a pirate. Many children first learn about pirates when they discover the story of Peter Pan. Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys, Tinker Bell, Wendy, and all her brothers are interesting enough […]

Pioneer family

Kids in the old days were a lot like kids today – when they got bored, they wanted to play with new toys. Today’s kids have plenty of toys and games to choose from but kids in American pioneer families didn’t have so many choices. Being a part of a pioneer family meant long, hard […]

Challenge Activites

Bookmark this page so you can keep checking back for new activities. To get started: First read the profile on Harriet Tubman. Next, make yourself a glowing star chart, by following the simple instructions. You are going to travel along the chart until you reach the end. There are 5 more activities to complete on […]

Black History Month Challenge

This month we are inviting you to participate in our challenge. You will be required to read some pages about Black History, and then do a related activity. In all there will be seven activities to complete. We will post a new activity twice a week. When you have completed them all, an adult should […]