Viking Homes

The Vikings lived in simple homes. One main, low room. The animals were kept close by. They even had outdoor bathrooms! Some of the wealthy ones had huge wooden beds. They had chairs for their babies. They hung things on pegs and put them in trunks. They had long tables. Rich homes even had fancy […]

Vikings and Religion

Two of the most famous Vikings are Eric the Red and Leif Ericson. In the late 900’s Eric the Red was exiled from his homeland in Scandinavia to Iceland for 3 years. While living in Iceland he decided to do some exploring and discovered Greenland! Although it had a rather harsh climate he wanted to […]

Viking Recipes – A Viking Feast

Now we need to round out our Viking unit. It is always fun to end a themed study with something special and a good way to do this is have a feast! The Vikings were farmers and raised cattle and other domestic animals. They grew grains and vegetables although they would have had a short […]

Viking Dress

Vikings dressed according to their wealth. The richer ones often wearing clothes that showed the styles in the countries they had visited. The children wore simple smocks and tunics. The women wore a simple undershift with long sleeves and an “apron” that was made of two rectangular pieces of cloth. The back piece had strings […]

Viking History

The Vikings were a fascinating people. Although they are well known for their bloodthirsty raiding and killing, there was so much more to their culture. They contributed many, many things to the world. They were also the BEST sailors of their time. No one could out sail them! As you study the Vikings you will […]

Viking Facts

Fierce Vikings Viking warriors were very fierce and were often in battles. The term “viking” basically came from the term to “go a-viking” or raiding. There are different ideas on what the word actually meant. The warriors had to be prepared at all times for battle. The sight of a Viking ship pulling onto the […]

Vikings Unit

The Saga Of The Adventurous Viking The Vikings are people who explored, plundered and traded with valor with their legendary ships. The Vikings were of the Norsemen clan who originated in the Scandinavia. They scourged the coast of the British Isles, France and other European coasts from late 8th to 11th century, which is termed […]