Viking Homes

The Vikings lived in simple homes. One main, low room. The animals were kept
close by. They even had outdoor bathrooms! Some of the wealthy ones had huge
wooden beds. They had chairs for their babies. They hung things on pegs and put
them in trunks. They had long tables. Rich homes even had fancy glassware from
trading. Important possessions were kept locked in huge wooden trunks.
Clothes were hung on pegs and fireplaces kept the house warm. 

The Vikings
were farmers when the climate allowed. Some raised cattle, sheep, chickens and
ducks. They would use these for food and bartering. They made butter and
cheese. Others who could not raise animals for food hunted deer, seals and

They must have known something about beekeeping as they traded honey
for things they needed or wanted. The house graphic will show you a
picture of a Viking farm you can print out and color.

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