Social Study Activity

Social study activity is a must for all students to develop their mental horizon on a variety of subjects. It not only helps the students to mature but is also the most practical form of teaching. Games and sports are a child’s best friends. Therefore, if a child studies while he plays, you couldn’t have […]

Online Learning Fun

Internet-based teaching is becoming more and more popular for all those who are seeking online learning fun. With the net becoming an effective teaching medium, it has also turned into the main communication means in distance education. There are two main categories of on-line learners: Students: They are avidly seeking this avenue to undertake lessons […]

Social Study Lesson Plan

If you are looking for a social study lesson plan, here is an effective and popular method: Medaline Hunter Lesson Design Model. However, before we get into the details, let us briefly know what social study is all about. The study of subjects like history, geography, civics, sociology, economics and a few other social science […]

Easy Projects

Easy Projects are a fun filled way of ensuring all round development of kids. These projects can help realize their creative potential in a productive combination of entertainment and education.  They can be a great way to engage your child during holidays and in weekends as a lively break from the monotonous routine of school […]

Social Studies

The subject Social studies is a miscellany of all disciplines. This term refers to the study of almost all academic fields. It does not focus on a particular topic rather provides an insight into the past and present human life and society. Subjects incorporated in the social science include history, geography, government, sociology, psychology and […]

Social Studies Projects

Social Studies projects include lessons on economics, psychology, history, religion and government. Social Studies projects are extremely fun and interactive way of acquiring knowledge about different facets of society. For instance, when you are teaching a group on Kindergarten students about ancient Egypt it can be very interesting. Kindergarten students who have just learned how […]