Forensic Science College

Which would be the best Forensic Science College? This is obviously the primary query you have if you are planning to pursue a career in forensic science. To become a professional you certainly need to attend the best college and pick the right subjects to make the grade. Here is a list of the most applicable courses for you to choose from a list of colleges given below:

The George Washington University Department of Forensic Sciences:

This premier institute offers the following courses:

  1. Certificate in Forensic Investigation
  2. Master of Forensic Sciences
  3. Master degree emphasizing on various options like Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Molecular Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, High Technology Crime Investigation and Security Management
  4. Five-Year Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Forensic Chemistry
  5. Master of Science in Forensic Science emphasizing on streams like Forensic Molecular Biology, Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Toxicology

Besides the basic criterion set by the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, you must complete a program of 36 credit hours of certified course content. Within the 36-hour credit condition, you must have atleast one credit of FORS 295 (research) in the area of specialization. And also you must clear a written Master’s Comprehensive Examination in your specialization.

Michigan State University: It offers a Forensic Science Master’s Program

The varsity offers courses in criminal justice, forensic science and law. You can also conduct field study and practice during research in the university’s own state-of-the-art forensic science laboratory. The course ensures that students get both comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the scientific, legal, and investigative components of forensic science as well as a specialization in one of the key subjects. You can specialize in Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology and Forensic Anthropology. You could either opt for one specialization or go for a first and second option while applying for the curriculum.

Guilford College: This college offers options in the fields of Fingerprint Analysis, DNA Fingerprinting and Blood Evidence and Forensic Anthropology.

School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics: This institute offers two programs one in Master of Science in Criminal Justice and another Master of Science in Criminalistics. The former brings you two options, one in Administration and one in Forensic Mental Health. The latter offers a concentration in the application of science to the legal system.

All these institutes prepare you for a satisfying career in forensic science. So just go ahead and decide on your specialization. Then close your eyes and pick on the forensic science college that will make your dreams come true.

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