Forensic Anthropology

The scope of Forensic Anthropology is increasing everyday. The preference of many killers to dump the bodies of their victims in remote sites means that most often the police have nothing but skeletal remains to aid in their investigation. It is then left to the forensic Anthropologist to use this flimsy evidence to shed some […]

Forensic DNA

Forensic DNA is the latest tool in criminal investigation. It is distinctly superior to other forensic tools like finger printing, ABO and HLA blood typing. DNA testing has achieved feats of crime detection unparalleled in the records of criminology. Strengths DNA testing It is much more discriminatory than other techniques. Complete blood group testing tells […]

Forensic Nursing

Forensic nursing, a new phenomenon to many is one of the recent specialty areas acknowledged by the American Nurses Association or ANA. According to the International Association of Forensic Nursing or IAFN, forensic nursing practice is an application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings. It goes without saying that forensic nursing bridges between […]

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is all about mind matters. That is, this branch of Forensics aims to prevail over the criminal mind in order to corner him. Forensic Psychiatry is an emerging field and it has already notched up quite a few feathers on its cap by clinching a few cases. And there seems to be no […]

Forensic Science

Forensic science primarily deals with criminal investigation. This field of science relates to several disciplines in course of criminal inquiry. Forensic is an essential part of criminal investigation that needs to be judged in the court before the final verdict is stated. In fact, forensic evidence in court can cause a dramatic change in a […]

Forensic Science College

Which would be the best Forensic Science College? This is obviously the primary query you have if you are planning to pursue a career in forensic science. To become a professional you certainly need to attend the best college and pick the right subjects to make the grade. Here is a list of the most […]

Forensic Science Types

With thugs and criminals getting smarter by the day, it is only evident that the various Forensic Science types would also re-invent themselves. Forensics hold the key to solving criminal investigations and in many a complex investigation, it may be even that all the braches of Forensic science are called into action. Forensic dentistry Forensic […]

History of Forensic Science

If you remember the term ‘Eureka’, then you would also know where the History of Forensic Science started. History considers Archimedes (287-212 BC), the man behind the exclamation ‘Eureka,’ as the father of forensic science. He had exulted when he had found out that a crown was not made of gold, (as it was falsely […]

Forensic Science Career

If you have chosen a forensic science career, gear up for some great challenges. This is a career that is closely allied to crime and punishment, justice and law, human nature and its dark secrets. More scientifically, it is a vital arm of the legal investigative system. For specialization, there are six options of practice […]

Forensic Engineering

The field of forensic engineering is the culmination of many different science disciplines. This subject has recently originated in it’s own right. Forensic engineering presently has a very low profile compared to forensic science, but this particular area of forensics looks into the matter when problem arises from product failure, which can happen due to […]