Free Clock Worksheets

With free clock worksheets, the child learns the art of reading and telling time, all in fun and play. Gradually the little ones are introduced to several concepts of hours, minutes and seconds. Making use of these free worksheets, parents and teachers can introduce a child to the concept that when the long hand of the clock takes one complete round, it indicates the completion of an hour.

Clock worksheets may be based on both analog and digital clock problems. Initially, circular analog clock drawings are used to get the child acquainted with the time concept. Concepts such as counting by hours, half-hours, quarter-hours and 5-minute intervals are taught very innovatively. Moreover, these worksheets are appropriately combined with interactive lessons to help students identify time and read clock with utmost efficiency and skill.

On the Internet, you can also get hold of free clock and time worksheets, which are just meant for printing and playing. In this case, you will be provided with no plug-ins. You can simply make do with a working printer. You will also be provided with all necessary instructions, if you are required to do something extra-ordinary or are looking for more information.

Free clock worksheets available on the Internet are based on multiple problems, such as problems wherein the student is taught how to practice matching time with clock. There are problems with pictures of clocks with the hands missing; children are required to draw the hour and the minute hands for a correct representation of the time mentioned. Again, there are problems where the child is required to read the time from the clock diagram complete with hands.

Free clock worksheets are provided with answer sheets to help your child learn with more confidence and accuracy. They are indeed an advantage because you do not have to spend a single penny. And since the worksheets get the clock/time concepts ingrained in the child’s psyche in a playful way, the children like the experience.

As guides, you cannot expect more! Expose the child repeatedly to the free clock worksheets – they will be more involved and be able to retain better.

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