Free Sudoku Resources

Free Sudoku just proves that all good things need not come at a price. And this game is one addiction that will not bring on the frowns. The free versions of Sudoku ensure that more and more people are succumbing to the addiction.

The Sudoku is a logic-based game that consists a 9×9 grid divided into 3×3 sub grids. You need to solve it by filling up the cells with the numbers 1-9 (alternatively, colors, shapes or alphabets) so that each numeral occurs exactly once in every row and column.

The game of Sudoku gained widespread popularity via the newspaper. These days, in the various countries of the world, there is hardly a newspaper that doesn’t feature a Sudoku game daily. This means loads of fun, excitement and some generous doses of food for thought at the breakfast table, and all for peanuts.

And if you decide to check out the newspaper online, Sudoku comes free.

In fact, the web is a minefield of sites housing many a free game of Sudoku. There is no dearth of people in the world who relish a play of Sudoku. So when you are online, you have the option of visiting the several sites that let you play the game online, for free, or take out a print of the game to play while waiting for the bus.

You can also register yourself at any of the numerous web-based game communities to pit your Sudoku wits against other gamers around the world. And all for free.

Going online is a great way to share your Sudoku resources with your friends, acquaintances and also the other gamers around the world. You can e-mail a game or two, and even their solutions and the steps involved or have them posted at the various sites or online forums so that the world too can partake in your delight.

Now sharing a Sudoku game online involves some labor. You need to either make a text-based Sudoku grid or write out the numerals in text format and interspersed with dots and dashes to represent the empty cells. How very troublesome! And the person at the other end is surely going to curse you. For after he has received your game, which doesn’t even remotely resemble Sudoku, he has to jot down the numbers on a paper, or the computer using familiar templates before he can make out anything out of it.

Thankfully, there are better alternatives.

There are many Sudoku online sites that come with a proper Sudoku screen where you just need to key in the numbers at their suitable places and hit the “submit” button. Next you will be provided with an URL where you can copy your Sudoku game and either mail it or post it in an online forum or discussion board. You post it for free, they see it for free. It is that simple.

It is very hard to resist taking a crack at a free Sudoku game.

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