Valentine’s Day Activity

A Valentine’s Day cannot go without Valentine’s Day activity. A day when your feelings demand expression, a day when you are bound to feel special and make someone feel special, a day to take pride, a day full of gifts, a day to keep in mind and a day to last forever is all you expect out of Valentine’s Day. February the fourteenth is that very special day that brings lovers under one shade for timeless moments. Each one of them expresses their love with Valentine’s cards. It has been a tradition that has been going on since romantic love earned prominence in the High Middle Ages.

The essence of Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day revolves around the shared swap of love notes in the form of “valentines”. The handwritten notes of those times are now replaced by the mass-produced greeting cards. Today, all lovers worldwide celebrate Valentine’s Day the big way. In fact, in the United States, the dominant promotion of Valentine’s Day has labeled it as a “Hallmark holiday”. If you wish to indulge in Valentine’s Day activity and make crafts then read on.

To begin with, lets speak of the valentine rose coupon cards. All you need is a bit of construction paper or card stock, a printer, a pencil, crayons, pen and not-to-mention scissors. You will have to print out your Valentine’s cards. Make sure that you color the cards if it is a black and white print out. Next, cut along the petite, dashed lines on the card before folding it in half so as to insert the coupon. The coupon can be anything from a big hug to an affectionate message.

And how about creating a sponge heart valentine card as your Valentine’s Day activity? Here you will require things like a construction paper or a card stock, a paper plate, red or pink tempera paint, a sponge, scissors, pens or crayons and if feasible then opt for glitter. For a customary folded card begin by cutting a piece of paper into thirds. You can create three cards by folding each piece of paper in half. Fabricate a heart shape by cutting a sponge but see to it that it fits the card. Paint the heart and put some glitter for that glittering sparkle.

Making heart shaped valentine cards is one of the best activities that can win the heart of your Valentine. These cards made out of construction paper have flower and animal pictures made from little paper hearts. A valentine pop-up card is just what you can’t do without if you are to bring about a smile on your Valentine’s face. A personalized photograph inside a heart frame with your message on the card is what you will get out of Valentine pop-up card.

May, your Valentine’s Day ideas come true with the above-told tips as to your Valentine’s Day activity.

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