We all need government as individuals and society as a whole for the fulfillment of common goals and progress in all spheres of civic life. Yes, a government is a body that has the power to fabricate and the last word to implement laws inside a civil, corporate, religious, academic, or other organization or group.

Speaking of the branches of government, you will find three main heads viz. the legislative, the executive and not to mention the judiciary. However, in a democratic backdrop, the nomination and the election is usually assumed to be in the hands of the populace. In fact, in the United States of America none other nominates the Supreme Court Justices than the President while the Senate substantiates them. A different scenario prevails in Parliamentary forms of democracy where the Parliament decides the eventual Prime Minister. Traditional forms of government that controlled most of the world centuries before were monarchy and oligarchy.

Government can be of different forms. The first one that comes to mind is democracy. Here, the entire populace embraces the political power. When they are in power directly then you may call it direct democracy and if representatives come into play then you may call it representative democracy. Moving on, you will find autocracy, where an individual totally clutches everything. The monarchies and the republican dictatorships with an omnipotent president or other protagonist take the center stage here. Conversely, oligarchies are that type of governments where a petite group of individuals with common goals have absolute political power.

Government is responsible for the functioning and administering myriad areas of human activity, like trade, education, or medicine or even legal matters in a country. Different methods are also formulated and established like secrecy, police and military forces. Moreover, making agreements with other states and sustaining support within the state are also done.

If that’s not enough, then techniques to uphold support and legitimacy take in providing the infrastructure for transport, justice, administration, communication and not to mention social welfare etc. If govt. spending is the talking point then you must know that government spending in advanced countries fluctuates noticeably. It usually hovers around 30% and 70% of their GDP. Interestingly, in the United States of America, federal government spending consumes fewer than 20% of GDP.

A country seems incapacitated without a government. A government that runs in harmony with the standard canons of justice is a strong shield for protection of individual rights and betterment for all.    

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