Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Math – the most dreaded (and boring for some) subject can now be a lot more fun and interesting, if you attempt initiating your kids’ academic career with the kindergarten math worksheets. These worksheets undoubtedly equip you with innovative means of steering your child’s interest towards the subject and encouraging him/her to play with numbers more and more.

Kindergarten math worksheets are an effective way of teaching mathematics to little kids because they introduce the students to scientific ways of learning math – a particular problem is presented in a multiple way so as to invigorate the thinking capability of the leaner best.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets – What Do They Teach?

The math worksheets for kids start with the basics. At first, they children are introduced to numbers; the initial exercises teach a child to read and write numbers until 10. Counting until 100 is also a part of these exercises. Worksheets familiarize kids with concepts of place and face value of numbers, odd and even numbers, etc. Reverse counting is also taught.

Kindergarteners’ math worksheets also cover advanced math curriculum. This incorporates measurements – length, capacity and weight. Children are also given practice in measuring things with non-measuring items, for example measuring the width of a window with a pencil. Students are given a clear view of the time of the day, like morning, afternoon and evening. Enable them to read clock by repeated exposure to clock worksheets.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets – Making Math More Fun Than Work

Teaching in a conventional pattern can be very boring for both the mentor and the student. In math worksheets for kindergarteners, the subject has been dealt thus:

  • Numbers are not learnt as such, instead one is given balls or pencils or objects to count.
  • The child is introduced to vivid representations of geometrical shapes and figures.
  • The coin worksheets introduce your child to coin and let him/her understand the money value of sums in the kindergarteners’ math worksheets.

Math worksheets for kindergarteners emphasize practice. The kindergarten math worksheets are planned on this principle and necessary spice up the learning process.

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