Reading for Kids

Reading for kids – yes this is important because it helps your child to concentrate more and gain knowledge and interest in different subjects. Reading does not only mean reading storybooks or magazines. Initially, when you start with your toddler you teach him how to identify letters, the sounds of the letters and how the letters are used to make complete words. This is in fact, the first step of developing a habit of reading letters and alphabets. Reading for kids is both an entertainment and a process of learning.

When your child reaches an age of three or four, you can read out a story to him and ask him to explain the story back to you using his own imaginations and vocabulary. This is indeed a great way for you to judge how well your kid can understand and what new words your kid has learned which he successfully makes use in the story. Your kid’s story is sure to sound a bit different from yours and this is where his power of imagination lies. In fact, reading for kids is the best way for them to think, apply and understand.

When you go out with your child you can show him signs and pictures and ask him to read or match the alphabets which he has already learned. This is a great fun for your child for whenever he is able to read or recognize successfully he feels quite proud to be able to exhibit his caliber. When your child has learned some words, you can ask him to make sentences or phrases with them and from here the power of construction develops. Letters – to words – to phrases – to sentences (both with and without meaning) – to short paragraphs – ultimately to a complete story along with lots of other ingredients like imagination, ideas, flavor and punch.

Reading for kids should be a must activity in their daily schedule. Make your kid read for an hour each day and see the difference in his collection of words and ideas.

Five ways of providing encouragement to reading for kids

  • Your kids should know that there is lots of wealth to be found in books. When your kid watches your knack for reading, he may surely develop the same habit.
  • Another wonderful reading for kids idea would be that when your child grows a bit you can ask him to make a collection of jokes, recipe, marbles and other such stuffs. Here the kids get a chance to read, collect, and share with others as well.
  • Another most fantastic reading for kids idea would be to initiate a monthly family newsletter or classroom newsletter. Here you can make your child write an article on things like butterfly, a visit to the zoo, favorite pet or best friend. After he has finished writing, ask your child to read the article aloud to others for a praise or appreciation. Here the motto behind reading for kids should not be to look for perfection in the creation but to encourage his reading and writing capability.
  • Children like looking at cartoons. Therefore, the best way to encourage reading for kids here would be to give them to read books and comics having pictures of “Nemo, Lion King”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Winnie the Pooh” or some traditional lessons, puppets or stories.
  • One of the best ways to encourage reading for kids would be to take them to bookshops and book fairs. Here the little one gets a chance to look at different books, see other people reading and watch others discussing the contents of the book.

Thus, once they come to understand the importance of reading the rest is all about application of skill, aptitude and imagination.

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