World Maps

The world maps are the reflection of the planet where you are living. A world map in your hand is virtually the whole world in your hand. At a glance, you can reach at any place and learn in details about its geographical intricacies. To be more precise, the world maps are simplified depiction of the space and location in terms of navigational aid.

Knowing more about the world maps

World maps act as the mirror of the surface of the Earth. They come in two different types – physical maps and political maps. The two maps have their distinct characteristics – the political maps give a clear display of the territorial borders and the physical maps show the geographical features of the world like soil, mountains, rivers, et al. A map works the best in imparting knowledge to millions of people who are often consulting the graphic presentation of the world.

Uses of the world maps

Teachers often use maps to teach students about the geographical structure of their place. As students have a look at the map, they get a mental picture of the world. They get to learn about the continents, their geographical location, the physical relation of the continents, the major cultural landmarks and the nearest and the farthest locations in the world, compared to where you are living.

World maps unfold history in front of you giving you a distinct picture about everything pertaining to that part of the history. Further, this process helps you in retaining the events with their proper dates. If you want to delve in more, then go for the map puzzles. This would teach you about the names and locations of the countries and capitals and you get to make the right guess. The whole game has been specially designed to enable you learn the details of the places. The distinguished colors and graphical representation helps to show the land features in details.

How maps originated?

Map making started as early as the Stone Age, when men did not know to read and write. The oldest map in the world is hand painting on the wall of the Catal Huyuk settlement, Turkey. The maps of today are far different from what we used to see before. They are the depiction of rationalistic and scientific worldview, thus showing the relationship between the viewer and the world. Maps have played an integral role ever since, it has been discovered and still now it is a powerful rhetorical tool in every sphere.

Since maps are abstract representations of the world, therefore they have proved useful in every way. Maps are divided into various sections, which incorporate the road maps, the topographical maps, the nautical maps, town plans and many more. However, if you look at the world maps, you will find a combination of all.

Hence, if you want to achieve a profound knowledge of the world history and locations, then the best option would be to consult the world maps.

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